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Well guys after returning from a year and a half of boredom and lack of lighting up, i would like to find events, people and help in Brisbane. i am keen to learn new things and im unsure about where to start. i was stung once awhile back with the twirlers at south bank i showed up and no one was there :P so yeah anyone around that i can talk about any events with and so forth so i dont end up making the same mistake again frown cos i want to meet more people like myself who like to burn things ubbloco

yay up to 5 beat weave only 4 more to get to 9 :P

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phone numbers. when something is advertised, ask for a number. they connect lost people! I left a phone number with an ad i placed in melbourne (juggleart) and it worked like a charm until someone took it down.

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yes hello sole spark...
I believe that we were the people that you say 'didnt turn up...' from my memory you got kicked out of southbank before we got there for lighting up at a non fire event!!! tongue ubblol wave
pm us and we can make another effort to meet up.

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Pm on the way

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easy fix!! come to moonfest on august 1st!! you can meet lots of lovely people there!!! biggrin

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smile! :grin: it confuses people!

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haha yeah that was ages ago my mate were playing with my fire poi and saw the guards comming and lunched them into the air :P lucky i had the foresight to catch them before the guards hair lit up :P

i feel so stupid i didnt know it was non fire but i wont make that same mistake again lol

ahh youth i guess i have that to blame for my ignorance biggrin

but yeah id love to do some twirling anywhere in brissy but i work 8 hours a day 5 days aweek so weekends are the best time for me but anything after 4 in most arvos should be fine smile

yay up to 5 beat weave only 4 more to get to 9 :P

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Well yeah... like margita said... come to moonfest on 1st august (go to https://groups.msn.com/moonfest
for more dates too...if ya haven't already wink) and Monday's Juggle Jam at Southbank is still happening if ya want to come along and play (but just ya pactice sticks/poi this time 'ey wink )

smile biggrin smile

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ill be a bris brurner soon biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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