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Posted: by TwirlyVic
Last Reply: by TwirlyVic
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"Halo my darlingsright i'm wondering, i adore my staff but i want to introduce something new into my stuff (i dont have an act lol!)so i was wondering about the above two. I have done un..."
Posted: by ufo8mycat
Last Reply: by smilee
Views: 1532    Replies: 2
"This may sound daft, and the answer is probably buried here somewhere, but how do I get all the residue and soot off my poi?Hope you're all good,A"
Posted: by Kerri_Considine
Last Reply: by Rozi
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"hi,I am looking for anyone who knows poi in my area I learned Amsterdam and Spain most the people I know have never even heard of Poi. I would like someone to share infor with.KERRI"
Posted: by izyinyet
Last Reply: by lolli
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"Could any one tell me of any place that sells wick in the UK I'm having troble getting itThank you"
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I'm a bit confused as to the purpose of this subtopic. Was it's original intent to be for those who need help with the site? Because that's what it looked like from the instructions. ..."
Posted: by Ade
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I'm looking for a couple of belly dancing fire eaters and a swordswallower - any around on this board?I've got a work opportunity for someone in Sydney if anyone's interested......Drop ..."
Posted: by Wikkaman
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"As if my subject heading doesn't give it away I would like to know where the link message board is to be found."
Posted: by Aisha
Last Reply: by Aisha
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"The hardest part of spinning poi as a beginner, I think, is how to move the hands/wrists. How is it done? I watched the video (on this site) tons of times, but I just can't seem to figu..."
Posted: by theunsjb
Last Reply: by Dom
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"HiI am using Poi Chains and would like to know how i can make my tails longer. On the website photos, the fire tails of the performers are really long.Kind RegardsTheuns"
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by master sodium
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"well, it looks like I may be ending up with my first paying gig!I was wondering what sort of things I need in the contract as far as liability goes (if I'm allowed to use fire), and any..."
Posted: by theunsjb
Last Reply: by Dom
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"HiI don't seem to get a really long fire tail when using my kevlar poi chains. I dip the wicks in paraffin and then light them, but when swinging, i can't seem to get a very long tail...."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
Views: 1975    Replies: 4
"You have no idea how much I love this toy. The effects are incredible, the staff is so durable I could back over it with my car. One problem being, the LED's are not so durable. From..."
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