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Posted: by Pixie
Last Reply: by Zolgar_the_Insane
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"We tried using candles and lighters but they were pathetic. Candles kept going out (often enough from having the wick so close), and lighters get too hot. We've found the lantern things..."
Posted: by AgentChesterDesmond
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 1872    Replies: 6
"So, I was spinning last night with HOP rainbow glow balls and one of them broke. I've only had them for about a month and have only used them a couple times. The molded loop just tore w..."
Posted: by Justabitekai
Last Reply: by Seye
Views: 2041    Replies: 2
"Hello!Ive got a group in berkshire called Red's Caberet, and we're looking to branch out into acrobalance. I am hoping to get some hands on training done soon, but does anyone know of a..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by *HyperLight
Views: 1126    Replies: 2
"Hello all! I've been a bit quiet on HoP recently because I've been busy developing software for the HyperLights. I've just about finished the compiler / USB bit of software that allows ..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 4164    Replies: 14
"I've started to get this problem involving a pain in my chest while i was in Thailand playing alot. Suddenly (usually when quite relaxied, i think) i get this tight feeling in my chest,..."
Posted: by Poibabe
Last Reply: by Mr_Nenderful
Views: 5822    Replies: 10
"I'm total skint and i spin poi i have brought 2 pairs of poi and have made my own.I'm really interested in staff, metor and club twirling. does anyone know how to make these, without 2 ..."
Posted: by Charlie Fox
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
Views: 1275    Replies: 5
"Greetings all,I've noticed in my travels many many different kinds of staff handles.From bare metal, to masking tape, duct tape, insulation tape (guilty) Bound leather, Hop Style with b..."
Posted: by Mireneye
Last Reply: by Mireneye
Views: 3426    Replies: 14
"For some months now I have really wanted to get myself a pair of glowy and fancy LED poi. At first I was going for the pretty expensive but as I hear, extreamly good Aerotechs. But, jus..."
Posted: by Wheee
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 5787    Replies: 30
"Anyone ever tried this?What I'm thinking is a staff with ends covered in the stuff that strike-anywhere matches use (phosphor?). You could then light your staff by striking on the groun..."
Posted: by Skatto
Last Reply: by tim_marston
Views: 1351    Replies: 6
"Yep, I admit it; in fact, I'll scream it from the rooftops I'm a newbie! But I thought that it would be better to embarrass myself and ask reasonably silly questions, than to never ..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 13223    Replies: 64
"i have been told that if you use wire wool on you poi then they will give off sparks,is this true?if yes how do you do it and whats the best stuff to use?nice one "
Posted: by Omen
Views: 1014    Replies: 0
"Hi, i want to get a custum fire lasso made for a friend and the retailer has asked me about length and width of rope. now i have no idea what she uses and seeing how its ment to be a su..."
Posted: by scaryhookman
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 1441    Replies: 6
"Ok, so I've been playing around with putting massive wicks on staves for 6 months or so, and I thought I'd start sharing my findings with the HoP world. I'd also be interested to find o..."
Posted: by Teraphim
Last Reply: by Teraphim
Views: 2165    Replies: 8
"How to make poi/staff for using with lycopodium?"
Posted: by dawagnervid
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 3312    Replies: 10
"I have a Concentrate Staff, which totally kicks ass, but I'm looking for something a little heavier - but I also want something that breaks down or gets easy to carry. Has anyone out th..."
Posted: by blahblahfish
Last Reply: by Imbalance
Views: 1369    Replies: 7
"I have used my cathedral wicks (purchased from oddballs in Camden) for many years... about 4 years. They have served me well. I take care of them.. they have never had water on them. ..."
Posted: by aares
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 16498    Replies: 14
"First, I wanted to say 'hi' to everyone. I have been reading this site for a while now, and the things that you people do with fire is amazing. Anways, I am most intrigued with fire bre..."
Posted: by wyldmajik
Last Reply: by ElectricBlue
Views: 1577    Replies: 3
"MY partner and I want to start wearing masks when we perform. t i was wondering if anyone had any tips of things we should look out for if we are going to start spinning while wearing ..."
Posted: by Nollykin
Last Reply: by faith enfire
Views: 2698    Replies: 6
"Hi guys! I recently obtained an extra set of blue LED poi, and want to buy some socks. I was looking at getting white ones, as I know they ship as blue balls with white socks, but then ..."
Posted: by sightfuleyes
Last Reply: by sightfuleyes
Views: 6058    Replies: 11
"Hello, this is my first time posting here. A friend of mine reffered me to here. If this is not the right place for a question like this, I apologize. A few weeks ago I was attending..."
Posted: by AgentChesterDesmond
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
Views: 1184    Replies: 6
"So I finally spun fire for the first time on New Years Eve and It was an amazing experience. Just wondering... how does everyone out there stores their wicks after using them? Any sugge..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by acidchild
Views: 4875    Replies: 38
"Which different poi have you/do you own? (in historical order)glowballz -broke so sent back (were crap)football socks with tennis balls in poi poi cobra 2-crap so threw the handles and..."
Posted: by GeminiTrix
Last Reply: by faith enfire
Views: 1811    Replies: 10
"Can anyone help me? Please tell me the secrets of the Moonblaze Wrap?? Anyone? Im DYING to figure this one out... "
Posted: by avivsworld
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 7009    Replies: 4
"I'm doing a new years gig, and I wanted to know what fuel I could use which would burn the longest. I'm currently using citronella oil, which gives me about 2 minutes burn time, but i w..."
Posted: by psymad
Last Reply: by Sym
Views: 1309    Replies: 1
"does any one on here have a set and if so how good are they ?? as been thinking of getting a set but am worried that they may brake or i will have problems with em .not very cheap to re..."
Posted: by Meeko_Kiddo
Last Reply: by Geeza
Views: 1174    Replies: 5
"I have a pair of fabric poi, and its really bugging me because I still get the tails tangled... getting better at it but not quite there. My question is... what would you all recommend ..."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Views: 999    Replies: 0
"Do you think or have you tried making monkeyfists so that there are two next to each other? When you make one then you make another fist on the rope sticking out, as close to the first ..."
Posted: by acidchild
Last Reply: by acidchild
Views: 1368    Replies: 2
"Has anyone tried one of these:&lbr;http://fire.trickconcepts.com/tcf-010-06.htm&rbr; They look relly nice but, Are they any good for contact? And do they hold up well? I'd also like to ..."
Posted: by TinyMonster
Last Reply: by TinyMonster
Views: 1775    Replies: 2
"I am planning on having a pair of fire fans made for me by a friend, but I need to have all the specifications known before that can happen.I've searched through some of the other threa..."
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by Yakumo
Views: 4721    Replies: 23
"well. let me start by agreeing with knagi- DON'T use straight coleman fuel, as it is HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE! mix it in with lamp oil as this will make it a heavier molecule, less vapour. plus..."
Posted: by jaysus
Last Reply: by Twisthem488
Views: 2244    Replies: 8
"Hi does anyone have any ideas about how to make an LED staff I thought of makeing a staff and somehow sticking LED sticks on the ends instead of wicks Any I..."
Posted: by quiet
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 9224    Replies: 72
"has anyone tried / got any opinions on these?http://www.firetoys.co.uk/juggling/Firetoys_Firbre_Pro_contact_Staff.htmlcheersEzra / Quiet"
Posted: by Paragon
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 1997    Replies: 17
"Not really sure where to put this topic! But anywayhttp://www.voltagehairgel.com/index.htmlThis was boingboinged today, I think there is more than one person on here who might appreciat..."
Posted: by froufrou
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 934    Replies: 3
"little bit frustrating, everytime I do a show and the wind is to hard, I can't start the new oiled pows easily. can anybody help me with the knowledge about oil?oil that last a bit lon..."
Posted: by bradhorn
Last Reply: by Mireneye
Views: 5830    Replies: 21
"i am puting a lot of posts up here but i have lost o questions! weeewhere do i buy Aerotechs? i did a google search but NO RESULTS i feel like i can't use the internet properlyalso any ..."
Posted: by Boring Induvidual
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
Views: 917    Replies: 2
"I have made a pretty cool discovery...Instead of buying your glow balls from *insert juggling shop name here* for 10 bucks a shot, why not tryhttp://www.maplin.co.uk/search.aspx?Menu....."
Posted: by Brenn
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 2845    Replies: 12
"I've seen several threads about fire gloves for catching poi heads or for putting out fire toys, but i was interested in pure performance gloves.Instead of having 'flame hands' i was le..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by Hiltunen
Views: 791    Replies: 6
"im going to finalnd in a few weeks and would like to know what fule can i get when im there? because if im askin for one thing and its called another i will be screwd.thanks"
Posted: by .draevon
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 1588    Replies: 1
"Hi everyone,I'm going to be heading to Beijing in mid-december to make an attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for Highest Fire Breathe as a part of a Guinness Awards Ceremony ..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Views: 1338    Replies: 0
"If you're after making your own wooden peg stilts here's a nifty design. "
Posted: by Real_Zeke
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
Views: 2287    Replies: 15
"As for myself i only use pure non smoking lampoil. I have never tried anything else, so i guess this is also what i prefer to use /Zeke"
Posted: by borganique
Last Reply: by princessc
Views: 1462    Replies: 1
"i had a search through and the existing threads weren't helpful on the construction side so...could anyone who has made or used fire fans please help me with ideas, problems they've enc..."
Posted: by Boring Induvidual
Last Reply: by Yakumo
Views: 1278    Replies: 3
"I recently bought one of the firetoys contact staffs, which is fantastic apart from the fact that the grip pulls out great chunks of my hair everytime I do neck rolls. Now I could reall..."
Posted: by Chris369
Last Reply: by kash
Views: 1617    Replies: 10
"http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails.php/264_55_Rainbow_LEDAnd i have these poi at the momenthttp://www.poipoi.info/shop/index.php?crn=1&rn=291&action=show_detailAnd her..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by fire_flies
Views: 2955    Replies: 8
"hi everyonei just made a pair of cathedral poi, now i need to make myself some weighted handles for them.i've seen some posts about using wooden balls, but ive tried a pair of those at ..."
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Fire_Freak_Burner
Views: 12824    Replies: 33
"Does anyone have a problem with ball chain getting rusty?We have never had any problem with chain, or cable and ive left mine in some of the most undesirable places for metal and never ..."
Posted: by pyrate
Last Reply: by Fire_Freak_Burner
Views: 8419    Replies: 8
"I'm new and months away from being ready to light up, but I'm already pretty confused by the inconsistency of fuel safety information I find. The main fuel safety page linked to on the..."
Posted: by Anthson
Last Reply: by Nicodeamous
Views: 2294    Replies: 12
"Will not burning all the fuel off your fire poi heads ruin or damage them in any way?I was doing a burn with some monkey fist poi and this was their first time being lit on fire. I soak..."
Posted: by kopte4ever
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 2403    Replies: 13
"I.e is there a way of making my flame red or blue.was wondering about putting something like food coloring in the fuel, sounds stupid i know but has anyone else seen it or tried anythin..."
Posted: by mfskarphedin
Last Reply: by TotalEclipse
Views: 1445    Replies: 1
"My friend made us some of those fire orb things (I call them "poi orbs,") and used some pretty small gauge stainless steel wire. They work great, but unfortunately, even with very ging..."
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