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Posted:I'm doing a new years gig, and I wanted to know what fuel I could use which would burn the longest.

I'm currently using citronella oil, which gives me about 2 minutes burn time, but i wanted to aim for more.

I don't really care about smoke, as i'm performin goutside - so long as it isn't toxic!

I know that fuel has been covered a lot, but I couldn't find a definite answer on the longest burning fuel.



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Posted:I hate to say it but you probably wont find a definite answer to longest burning fuel as alot of it depends on how old the wicks are, have they been taken care of, etc etc

re-read the prior threads and make a good guess??

edit: I get 4 - 5 minutes from kero

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Posted:roofing tar ???


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Posted:hmm bro, use kerosene, and newer wicks.
and dont relight the burned out kerosene, add some more after each light.

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Posted:Here's a link to a similar thread, with similar answers, please respond in that thread so we can all access it easier... :-)

find a fuel that has quite a long burning time

and here is a link to the Home of Poi fuels page...

HoP Fire Fuel Info

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