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Can anyone help me? Please tell me the secrets of the Moonblaze Wrap?? Anyone? Im DYING to figure this one out...

weavesmiley weavesmiley

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The who what?

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Please explain.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

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gotta go with the other on this one.. i had a google but couldnt find much info on it. any more info please?


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maybe you mean monkey fist? (a round knot often used for fire wicks)?

Does this help?

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I believe they mean these:

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No...I am indeed referring to the Flammaeterna Moonblaze Poi Heads..
Really want to learn how to make them...

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The build looks a little fragile, reminds me of a quad cathederal fold deisgn I was playing around with a few years ago, didn't really work out for me, overly complex and cost too much in materials.


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Do you remember those little braided plasticy thingies that you made at summer camp, and gave to your mommy when you got home? She might have used it for a keychain. Yes, you remember. That is definitely what the magical "moonblaze" wicks are. And it just so happens, I found you a link. Enjoy. biggrin

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ooh very cool i was really good at making those, big huge ones

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