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Posted:So I finally spun fire for the first time on New Years Eve and It was an amazing experience. Just wondering... how does everyone out there stores their wicks after using them? Any suggestions?

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Posted:Interesting question. I uncouple my fire heads from the chains of my poi and keep them in a tightly closed can (an unused 2 liter paint can I got from a paint shop) covered with lamp oil, which I use for spinning. Don't know if it's how they should be kept, but it seems to work fine.


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Posted:So are you supposed to store them in fuel?


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Posted:some do, some don't.

I seem to remember another thread around like this awhile ago, have a look through the search and it might give you a few more ideas smile

I put a bit of kero on the fire heads after my last burn for the night then just put them away.

I don't keep them stored in fuel. Works ok. But then again, I don't want fuel kept around like that with my children around.

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Posted:i generally give my heads a quick dip after each burn to stop them smouldering. then empty the remaining fuel from my dip can back into its bottle, and use the dip can as a storage place. i always remove my heads from their chains before storage.

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Posted:army surpluss amnuition boxes work dead good.

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Posted:storing your heads in fuel will mean they light up first time no fiddling with fuel etc... Coffe jars a damn good

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