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Posted: by Wooktastic
Last Reply: by Live_in_a_spin
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"Hmmmm, wondering, would fire breathing using water instead of oil yield a cloud of steam or just put out your tool?And if it did create steam if you died the water or the fire would the..."
Posted: by Wooktastic
Last Reply: by Wooktastic
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"Anybody else ever tried spinning while blindfolded?"
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by simian
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"Firstly hi again,In the scales of poi dvd what weights do you have in the orange socks and what socks are they? They look light enough to do wraps with but heavy enough to do isolation..."
Posted: by quiet
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I've done a durbs and found some stuff on EL wire, but the following question hasn't been answered:Q. Has anyone built a glow staff using EL wire yet?I want to try, but I thought I'd fi..."
Posted: by havocangel
Last Reply: by ubersmack
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"Okay, so I was at a fire spinning drum jam last night. There were some pretty good spinners there one thing I noticed is that they all stayed with one thing, be it either poi or staff o..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Is there anywhere in uk (or even better Leeds) where you can buy handmade sock poi? I used someones that they made and they were perfect. My textiles skills are pretty dire to say the ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"I had some green ones which are now knackered as theres big holes in the ends of them. I ordered some white ones and they are loads longer. I understand they stretch but i can stretch..."
Posted: by LadyDay
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"This is the problem... I've bought these sock poi and filled them with balls made of rice inside a sock. The problem is that one of the pois are more bouncy and spinning differently com..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by zildjinboy
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"It's times like these that I wish I had a scanner cause I've drawn many of prototypes for this. I'm thinking of making the poi itself be a gourd. Problem 1: It will grow lighter and lig..."
Posted: by zildjinboy
Last Reply: by zildjinboy
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"ok does anyone know if you can attach fire heads to glowstick poi chains?"
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"I have been trying to find something that could make parts of my chain glow without affecting my tricks. While glow stringing I thought it would be nice to throw the glowsticks in the a..."
Posted: by tauschung
Last Reply: by tauschung
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"Hey all, I think I'm ready for fire. I'm making my fire chains and a contact staff at the same time. I found some nice dog chokers at a pet store, and they come in different gauges..."
Posted: by WOFT
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"I stumbled across Hyperloop Poi the other day.Does anybody use these poi? I like the fact that they advertise a campartment to weight both ends of the poi. Any idea as to their prices?"
Posted: by garthy
Last Reply: by Mint Sauce
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"Hi,I'm going to make some Cone Poi and was wondering if any one had any hints, tips or patterns, I have a rough idea of what I want to achive but anyones help would be much appriciated ..."
Posted: by Freakishmind
Last Reply: by k8et
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"Hey there, i've never done real poi before and I want to learn. I was wondering if anyone could help me out by letting my know which fabric set would be the best to begin with, and whic..."
Posted: by Masked52
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"I made a fire long staff using aluminum electrical piping from Home Depot, the dimensions were 19.05 mm diam x 1.6 mm. It's quite heavy as well. But recently, actually almost right aft..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"I just thought of the Idea of a LED Boomerang and it stuck. Would it even be possible for it to come back to you if you made one? hmm... What if you were to put the battery source carv..."
Posted: by Rellizate
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"Hey!I just finished making my new firestaff! It has 3 meters of 100mm wide wick in total on it, with 75cm of it on each head. 155cm long in total, with wooden dowl center inside the ali..."
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"Just for fun tonight I took an old staff, one that was weighted towards the ends anyway, and two 4 foot wooden dowels and tried playing giant devil sticks. I lashed the dowels to my for..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by DJ Aman
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"I've looked at many upon many directions for building my own LED poi. The problem is that I don't know which are the best. I want mine to be bright enough to see a beautiful stream of l..."
Posted: by Gayle......!
Last Reply: by bender
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"...........What is the best camera you have used to take stunning poi photos in daytime, nightime and firetime?answers on a postcard. p.s. i did a durbs and came up with nothing.... "
Posted: by Invader Xan
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
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"Ok, random question.I want to buy a big ass bike wheel. Like ideally about 60" - 72" (though I'll probably have to settle for one slightly smaller). Anyone have any idea where I'd get o..."
Posted: by ellenfield
Last Reply: by ellenfield
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"Basically I am a teacher (with fire experience) at a school and we are performing A Midsummer Night's Dream in our outdoor amphitheater. I am living in Istanbul and getting white gas i..."
Posted: by xxCassxx
Last Reply: by xxCassxx
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"Does anyone know of anywhere in Joburg that sells kevlar rope? I really want to make myself a set of snake poi.... Or does anyone know of any other material i could use or anywhere that..."
Posted: by Rellizate
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"Hello, I am going to build a new firestaff sometime in the near future and I have a few questions. First up, I want really really big flames, and along burn time. I was looking for 200m..."
Posted: by Twisthem488
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"hey guys. Ive currently got a standard bo staff, but was thinking. what if you took some sort of metal tubing, put some silicone tubing over it and added weights to the ends. this thing..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Yakumo
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"Hey guys and girls,I've been working on some open source GUI software for programming glow toys (Hyperlights, Aerotechs etc. etc.) and I'm getting to the stage where I'd like to put wha..."
Posted: by NephrenKa
Last Reply: by bender
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"I'm part of a bungee display team and am thinking of making a ring of fire to jump through. It'l be a metal frame, made up of a few sections that'll be detatchable from each other. At ..."
Posted: by Skatto
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
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"Hello. I did about 6 searches, and also prowled about on Google - but I could find nothing!I was wondering if anyone has, in their years of spinning, found a way to easily carry their ..."
Posted: by dangerboy
Last Reply: by polarity
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"hey folks. now that luxotica is out of commission cause of her baby, does anyone know where to buy kevlar wick and rope/thread in vancouver? i find it hard to believe she was the only s..."
Posted: by Garry
Last Reply: by bender
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"So, I have the Concentare Innercore contact staff. I know it doesn't come highly recommended but, for my purposes, a 3 piece staff is essential. I'm a relative newbie at the whole conta..."
Posted: by orion10293
Last Reply: by Invader Xan
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"For the blue flame, is is Copper (I) Chloride, or Copper (II) Chloride?Do the chemicals have to be reagent-level purity?Where can I get said chemical?Lastly, where can I get denatured a..."
Posted: by Julie20221
Last Reply: by Maai
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"Ok - I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my poi...I just received them, one works great - but the other has a flickering light, and sometimes it just doesn't light up. I've repla..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by Maai
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"Well I bought some LED poi and they've been amazing, you get the idea. Then one day when I was practicing hyperloops the attachment ring (the part that lets the poi ball connect to the ..."
Posted: by dbrg
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"Hello folks!I want to build two new fire staff, one long and one short, made of fiberglass. below you can find a layout for them. I would like to have you ideas, thought, suggestion etc..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Yakumo
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"Little update for you all (thought I'd start a new thread as the last one was getting a bit big!!). I've been a busy bee tonight and I now have 4 pairs of the MK4 (dare I say final?) bo..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by squarefish
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"does anyone know any places online to order different chemicals for colored flames, specifically indium or potassium chloride. I'd kinda like some lithium chloride too, but I dont think..."
Posted: by Burns
Last Reply: by _Aime_
Views: 856    Replies: 6
"hi just got some fire rope( bring on the summer) was wondering how to attach the finger loops to 23mm. with the 10mm and 13mm I've used key rings. have quite a bit off 13mm- 6m in fact,..."
Posted: by BabyMullet
Last Reply: by nathaniel_deforest
Views: 1330    Replies: 3
"Alright question.Has anyone heard any discussion or places to get a glow ball that runs off the spin of your poi, or something that you can use similar to the flashlight you shake to st..."
Posted: by nathaniel_deforest
Views: 1863    Replies: 0
"I have been spinning the HoP cathedral wicks for a few months now and they are a great set of poi, but I want to add something bigger and brighter to my arsenal. Also, some added weigh..."
Posted: by Stick Man
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
Views: 9929    Replies: 48
"This is a personal preference poll. Whats you favorite wick design and why?Cathedrals are my favorite wick design because of the flame intensity you get with them. Im making a 4 b..."
Posted: by b1dd5
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
Views: 908    Replies: 5
"ok guys!! For your staff, what is the best kind of grip?! What do you use? "
Posted: by Mehmet
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 5408    Replies: 29
"Hi is the poi configuration I am thinking of making.Grip - keyring-swivel-keyring-chain-keyring-swivel-keyring-wickI don't really trust keyrings tho, but they are the only th..."
Posted: by Meeko_Kiddo
Last Reply: by Kaira
Views: 3162    Replies: 5
"I saw a really interesting way to make poi this weekend, I need to get a pair to make myself but I thought id share, see if anyone else did them... but someone took the Oggz lights and ..."
Posted: by hippieofvenus
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"I don't have anyplace I can get Kevlar where I am but I can get Canvas, Cotton, Denim, and a few other things. So I was wondering If I can use Canvas as wicking for torches and how abou..."
Posted: by Pablo_the_fire_monkey
Last Reply: by Basstones
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"Hey everyone. I'm looking to gettin a set of HoP monkey fist poi but i can't really decide whether to get th 2.5 inch or th 3.5 inch. I'm after havin big flames but am wondering about t..."
Posted: by Spacecow00x
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
Views: 2421    Replies: 9
"has anyone bought these? if so are they worth the price, and how friggin big are the flames!? lol i imagine it would be well worth it, and i like heavy poi, i can see myself flinging ..."
Posted: by ammre
Last Reply: by Russian_Wulfgar
Views: 2434    Replies: 14
"So i bought 10 ft of the 3/8ths inch kevlar rope, not actually THINKING about the dimension but rather "Oh it's the smallest dimension they have ok" I thought i could build a few torche..."
Posted: by Anthson
Last Reply: by fNi
Views: 3705    Replies: 12
"I'm interested in using a mask to conceal my face during my fire poi performances, but the problem is the only masks I own are not 100 percent cotton. They're mostly polyester, really. ..."
Posted: by vim
Last Reply: by PSYfer
Views: 47174    Replies: 144
"Like quite a few of you I've been bitten by the LED bug, and while I've managed to create a few nice poi I would like to take if further. I've spent the last two days reading documenta..."
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