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I have to say I'm intrigued by this multi-LED programmable staff malarkey...the two pictures you posted didn't work on here though.&lbr;edit&rbr; I was just reminded of these which look...

I do contact juggling, staff and poi, and I tend to practise erraticaly depending on what I feel like doing and what else I am doing.Having said that, I haven't spun or practised for ab...

I was also wondering to do with the extinguishing if the thinner air would mean that there would be less 'wind' on the wick as it spun and hence less likely to go out...I will do, and w...


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     31st August, 2006
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"Unbelievably fast delivery - 3 days from NZ to the UK where Royal Mail takes 3 days to deliver a 2nd class letter. Astonished to find the parcel on my doorstep this morning. Excellent service."
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