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I have made a pretty cool discovery...
Instead of buying your glow balls from *insert juggling shop name here* for 10 bucks a shot, why not try
These things are pretty big, BUT they are rechargable (supplied with charger) have single colour, as well as rainbow phase options on them.... and they are only 5.99!
I had a set of these at Reading festival, but some wily person stole them from out of my hands...
Just though you might like to know...

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They look like some I got last year; if so then-

they are very good for the price and look really nice stuck in a pair of white sports socks.

Additionally, you can pop the light unit out of the shell/ball (they WILL NOT go back in though) and put them in socks, pointing up, and secure with rubber bands to give a different light effect and a more pocketable pair of poi.

As juggling balls they are usable, but the weighting is way off due to the light/charging unit being on one side- however you can 'tweak' them by securing 3 ten-pence pieces to the opposite side of the ball with strips of cellotape.

Not pretty in the daylight, but, at night, very pretty indeed smile (and the balance is then spot-on for juggling).

Lastly, I should say them I'm a pretty decent juggler and don't drop much- my mate trashed most of his glo-balls by juggling and dropping loads- if this happens, do as I said above, keep the popped out light/charger and use them as sock poi.

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They're very much like the rainbow soft-glow HOP balls except bigger but rechargeable... Nice...

I bought one, now I need to get the other as they ran out of stock when I was at Maplin...

Lugging both charger unit display stands will be a b*tch though...

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