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living one second at a time


"the geeks have got you" - Gayle

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well one quality that makes sure of repeat viewings is having something in there that confuses the hell out of people, also just a nice concept executed well. i'd say the durbs+strugz v...

where the option says "to see what xxx famous spinner is upto" i did pick it, but its not just well known names that i will click on in the video thread, they will probably ge...

your all 'fraidy cats, stop the whining and pass em here jonOriginally Posted By: astonSounds almost as good as my plan for accelerated learning using cricket balls.... i have old sock ...


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20th March, 2008
nice ;)
"no problems at all i got my order 8 days after it shipped which isnt bad for new zealand to the UK good stuff :)"
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