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blahblahfish 4 posts

I have used my cathedral wicks (purchased from oddballs in Camden) for many years... about 4 years. They have served me well. I take care of them.. they have never had water on them. I soak at least 15min before use..and I soak before they are put away.

It seems that over time the burn has been getting shorter and shorter. Am I just going crazy or is this what happens over time. I have used various fuels on them in the past... I don't think it is a fuel issue.

Am I going to be forced to buy a new pair (they are so expensive.. I am hoping not..)

Any suggestions, comments, ideas.. all appreciated.


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drvarietySILVER Member
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It depends on what kind of heads you have.
If you have tube heads, I would recommend taking off the old kevlar, buying a length of fresh kevlar, and re wrapping them.
If they are another kind of head then you can do the same, only it a little more complicated. However their are ways of making your heads last longer, although im not deffinite as to which ones actually work and which ones are just myth.

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KieronGOLD Member
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Over time wicks degrade and need to be replaced, you are burning them after all.

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MordfabrikSILVER Member
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Over time, wicks will deteriorate. You can take measures to extend the lifespan, but they dont last. 4 years is a good run already. One of the things you can do is use PVA on any fraying edges they might have, which will help hold the integrity longer.

Unfortunately, the body of the wicks will slowly degrade, and sometime you will need a new set.

YakumoSILVER Member
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kevlar wick on it's own is pretty cheep, and cathedral heads are easy to make, googling brings up a few guides, here's a couple :

hop animated guides:

photo guide :

as long as the bolts undo, and go back together ok you should find it easy smile

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blahblahfish 4 posts

Thanks so much to those of you who replied.. I think I will take your advice a become handyman jill.


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mtbeerGOLD Member
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Good links Yakumo.

A cathedral fold is probably going to be your easiest first project. The hardest part is getting the bolt or steel cable through all the layers of kevlar. I would recommend using a phillips head screwdriver or big nail to dig through each layer one at a time (try to keep it centered). Once it is all the way through, back it out at the same time you thread your bolt or steel cable back through.

If you want to go on the inexpensive side (less kevlar) you can try your hand at a hybrid wick: Hybrid tutorial. It's a bit more complicated than a cathedral but far less in cost of materials.

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ImbalanceGOLD Member
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I have those Hybrids that mtbeer makes, they burn forever and have a good weight to them. Definite fuel can drainers! give em a shot.

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