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Do you think or have you tried making monkeyfists so that there are two next to each other? When you make one then you make another fist on the rope sticking out, as close to the first one as possible.

Or, what does happen when various sides have a different amount of rope wrapped? E.G. you wrap one side three times, the other two four or something like that.

My problem is that when I make MFs out of 1cm rope, they are too small and light for me. I tried two layer MFs (a knot, 2 wrap mf and a 4 wrap mf over that) but that one was kinda heavy and also very hard to do. And, I also tried MFs with 1.5 cm rope tho those were REALLY heavy and burned too long.(15 mins.)

So, I'd like to experiment a bit tho before wasting any rope I'd like some advice:) Either regarding monkeyfists or anything similary unusual:)

If not I'll give up and get me a pair of cathedrals..:D


Smile.. It confuses people..:)

Wonders never cease as long as you never cease to wonder.

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