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Posted: by simian
Last Reply: by annio25vally
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"a list of helpful threads about common moves:with unhelpful comments from me 3BEAT WEAVEGood stuff from loads, nice thread to continue..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Sun678
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"This space is for all those funksters busy improving their technique by learning new moves - made-up or traditional. Tell us all about it! We love hearing about our fellow poiers/staf..."
Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to the Poi Moves discussion forumThis is the place to find new moves and get help with a move you're trying to get.As this site has existed for many years many things have alrea..."
Posted: by jessicamaes
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"Hey! I've been practicing Poi for a few months but aren't really progressing per say with anyone to show me the right technique etc. I'm relocating back to the Gold coast in a few weeks..."
Posted: by nkempe
Last Reply: by jamesm.wpg
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"When I get enthusiastic with my Podpoi, the loops eventually cause abbrasions on my fingers.This happens mostly on my left (non-dominant) middle finger, where I then get a small wound.I..."
Posted: by blrender
Last Reply: by jamesm.wpg
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"heyas, guys! i'm trying to write a tutorial and i don't know if i'm using this word correctly, and i cannot find the DEFINITION of it anywhere. it gets USED a lot... i THINK "inspi..."
Posted: by QueenofPoi
Last Reply: by Andrea Taylor
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"Does someone know were i can take lessons at poi spinning in holland (near the hague) ?? Please help me, i really want to learn more from a serious pro, but i don't know were to go her..."
Posted: by pyro15
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"hi i am new here and ive mastered my poi Techniques and ive stared fire breathing and fire eating i have the basics fire breathing for but it needs improvment any tips will be happily ..."
Posted: by noelalessandra
Last Reply: by Tenyth
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"I understand the plane has something to do with the poi not tangling or colliding, but I watched several videos and they dont address the part where they come together in the middle, or..."
Posted: by kneebrace
Last Reply: by talynnmichellebottoms
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"Hello!I've been doing poi for a month or two now, and I find myself stuck. I've gotten to the point where my two, three and five beat weaves are consistent, I can turn with the weaves e..."
Posted: by taybizzal
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"I have been spinning for about 7 years and was doing some different stacks and started thinking. Can butterflies actually be split time?It seems to me that they are always same time (ev..."
Posted: by Brian J
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I'm relatively new to spinning poi, and there's something I am working on in my progress. It's for a performance concept I am working towards. Here's what I want to be able to do:Smooth..."
Posted: by MAV
Last Reply: by MAV
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"Hello, I am very interested in learning this new art form. I am also a professional dancer and instructor myself and just want to add this to my repertoire. Can anyone direct me to some..."
Posted: by Taylor Jaelyn
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"I'm starting to spin poi! Like literally just starting. I've learned a few moves, that's it.What moves should I learn first?Like a list going from the basics I absolutely need to know s..."
Posted: by alisamamos
Last Reply: by klacek
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"ok, I basically have the backwards two beat weave down, and I get better every time I work on it. But somehow, when I try the three beat weave my poi just fly everywhere and I end up hi..."
Posted: by Beckyprice85
Last Reply: by Soleilgee
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"I'm looking for videos on beginner moves with this frame. I'm concerned about spins and stops, is it difficult to stop a spin? What other tricks can you do with this rounded frame? Ther..."
Posted: by dpontalion
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"I am a new spinner wounderijt what best way to learn split time is"
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"So I am going to be honest....when I first watched the beginner series on playpoi (probably back in january or february) and Nick was explaining about same time/split time etc I am sure..."
Posted: by Raminta Urbonavičiūtė
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"i can easily do fountain from right to left, but reverse fountain causes a lot of problem. could somebody please describe in great detail how it is done. for me the hardest is to go fro..."
Posted: by FireBender
Last Reply: by Miles Harris Cottrell
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"Okay, so please forgive me if I over indulge but I prefer thorough. About 4 months ago I made some sock poi and decided to just get at it. i live in China, so my apartment at the time..."
Posted: by JessPezInnit
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"So I am new here, been interested in Poi and Firebreathing for a long time but only recently decided to do something about it. What was everybody's experiences like of starting out with..."
Posted: by kneebrace
Last Reply: by jrose152
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"Hello!I've been doing windmills for a while now, but I only recently saw myself doing them from the side. When I did, I realized that, when the poi are in front of me, my plane is more ..."
Posted: by PixelRazor
Last Reply: by jrose152
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"So i'm relatively new to poi, and I'm lost on what to learn now. Does anyone have a good progressive of what tricks to learn in what order? As of right now i can do 3 beat weave, revers..."
Posted: by irenevonfrieden
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hello to all the community! I just got a pair of tailed poi and I'm very excited about it I am an absolute beginner-till now, I can only swing same time and split time.. my question i..."
Posted: by pianista0817
Last Reply: by graham young
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"I just started palying poi yesterday, any tips for me? what moves should i study first?"
Posted: by tycane
Last Reply: by alfani
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"Hi I'm looking for inspiration videos of female poi dancers or fire dancer. I have looked on youtube but I'm having a hard time finding good females who dance and preform not just spin ..."
Posted: by jublian
Last Reply: by cjl85uk
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"Has anyone else done this?I'm not technically relearning in that i'm going back and learning things i should probably already know.I'm talking about forward 2 beats with my weaker hand,..."
Posted: by Hayley McConaghy
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hey I'm Hayley, 20 year old artist/game developer. I live in Holywood Co.Down, Northern Ireland and I really want to learn!!Anyone willing to teach me nearby? Thanks!"
Posted: by Skitt195
Last Reply: by andrewwhitworth
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"Hello I live in braintree and for a while I've been looking for classes or work shops where I can learn poi staff etc however I can't find any does anyone have any information or know o..."
Posted: by Imbalance
Last Reply: by fred_roudaut
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"So came across this some time ago actually but never did find the link for it again. Welp now i've found it thanks to Stumble! (love that lil button)"
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"Is it possible to incorporate poi moves into fan spinning?"
Posted: by joffjk
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"This video is an amazing video in helping understand timing and direction "
Posted: by Sam_LaBonte
Last Reply: by msg
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"this is me with my sock poi, i have been spinning for right around 5 weeks, how am i doing??????"
Posted: by Kimber
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"I just decided tonight as I was spinning that I think I will plan to do my first burn on Samhain, October 31st, 2013. I have been spinning poi for about a year and I have been thinking ..."
Posted: by VampyricAcid
Last Reply: by timmeh
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"Kinda scared about starting this thread cos i have a bad history of starting thread that already exist BUT i have done an extensive search and im pretty sure that this thread is complet..."
Posted: by OcTavO
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Any advice on achieving that lovely straight line arc with Stall Chasers? I'm finding it very tricky to get the stationary, downward-facing poi into perfect alignment with the other as ..."
Posted: by neonraze
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"I can't seem to get my head (or body) around a crosser.I've watched the videos and have a basic understanding of the plane control required and where the crosspoints are... but for some..."
Posted: by Mary_Reichel
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Could anyone recommend a poi head that the flames burn big and bright under daylight/bright sun? I am performing at a theme park for the summer doing 4 sets. Since I start at 5:15 I f..."
Posted: by ohfillypoi
Last Reply: by jacktimo
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"Okay, I'm currently using shoe lace I believe a 32in or 36in on a regular glowstick. I have trouble learning how to wrap the shoe lace around my finger, or I don't know what finger to w..."
Posted: by ColtonB
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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" I have some Flowtoys and currently just have crystal cases on them (no Flowmasses). My setup also has swivels near the handles, I was just wondering if the location of swivels with the..."
Posted: by aar0n
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"need some help with new moves. currently can do -butterfly (split time)-corkscrew-2 beat-3 beat (reverse/forward)-buzzsaw-3 beat fountainany new move suggestions/ transitions would be g..."
Posted: by alexiaa
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"Bonjour j'ai construis il y a une semaine de bolas artificiel et j'ai commencer a regarder des tuto sur you tube mais je me noie compltement normalement vendredi j'aurait des bolas ave..."
Posted: by HydeChan
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hi. I'm relatively new to poi, but I know a few basic moves. My brother has been trying to teach me to do a reverse three beat weave, and he's having me spin my poi backwards, but when ..."
Posted: by brenonfire413
Last Reply: by Mtnsailor7
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"Last night I was watching this video on YouTube where a guy went from a one handed butterfly to a one handed corkscrew before going back to the butterfly before switching back to both h..."
Posted: by Matthew777
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hello everyone - New to the forums, and also new(ish) to poi. Although I've owned a set of poi for about a year, I've only just begun spinning on a regular basis in the past couple mon..."
Posted: by NanoyMaster
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"so I've been doing poi about 1 month 2 weeks ish...and made a compilation video of me learning.would love to know what you ideas, any thing I'm doing wrong or should learn to..."
Posted: by droid
Last Reply: by iSp1nF1re
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"The beginning of 2012 will mark my 6 month poi anniversary and I feel like I haven't even found the surface, let alone scratched it. My primary goals for the New Year are to maintain di..."
Posted: by dLs
Last Reply: by iSp1nF1re
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"Hallo, my new Ninja LED Poi just arrived. I just played for about half an hour with them and they are great. Except for the double noose. I tried ever grip but the nooses semm to be to ..."
Posted: by Flip
Last Reply: by flowforyou
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"OK, so I am new to Poi and the forums. I have wanted to learn Poi for years and yet it seamed so unattainable. A few weeks ago I was at a L.A.R.P. where we had a few spinners come out t..."
Posted: by madmolly36
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"To trace a circle of fire on the ground right before you start: do I just not spin off, light up, and draw the circle? Gonna try it anyway, just checking to see if this is considered a ..."
Posted: by timmeh
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"demos by timmehtek, more to come soon, taking suggestions too?. "
Posted: by ICTYYOU
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hey guys! I'm not sure exactly where I should have posted this, but hopefully "Beginner moves" is the right place.... I have a friend who is trying to learn poi, but (as far a..."
Posted: by pyroPLUR
Last Reply: by dartard
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"Hey people! Ive been spinning for 3 weeks and although I have afew moves they arent even and symmetrical. My planes go off as soon as I do any tricks although I can spin against the wal..."
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