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Hallo, my new Ninja Led Poi just arrived. I just played for about half an hour with them and they are great. Except for the double noose. I tried ever grip but the nooses semm to be to short. While spinning the bearing hurts my nuckles and the nooses made me blisters. I dont see the pros about the double noose.

For this technique the loop seems to be to short, by the way I got kind of small Fingers.

To get double loop handles to grip the fingers more securely place fingers through the loops pointing down (Hand Diagram fig.3a.), and then take cord through the first two fingers to the back of the hand (Hand Diagram fig.3b.).

What should I do, I cant imagine that its ment to be that unconforable. Can you guys give me some advise how to continue. What am I doing wrong?

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buy px3 or silicone knob handles. double loop handles are awful. are there swivels? even when i had flowtoys, with flowloop handles or when i would use my friends Fire Poi that have double loops i have always just pinched the swivel. now i have silicone knob handles on my Practice Poi and my Fire Poi. because tosses are WAY more crowd pleasing than any "move" or "pattern"

seriously, using loop handles is whack

Liquid and Fire is a beautifully breathtaking combination

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