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Mary_ReichelSILVER Member
1 post
Location: USA

Could anyone recommend a Poi head that the flames burn big and bright under daylight/bright sun? I am performing at a theme park for the summer doing 4 sets. Since I start at 5:15 I feel my first two sets you cannot see the fire as well as my last two sets. :O( Any suggestions??

MimiJulyBRONZE Member
17 posts
Location: Canada

I would suggest getting the color fomula. Or the monkey knot or a combonation of the two...

Trybal WolfSILVER Member
Wolf Furry
517 posts
Location: Earth, USA

I find my twista Poi (available in the HoP shop) to be pretty good in the daylight.

I'd rather die on paws, than live on feet.

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