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Posted: So I am going to be honest....when I first watched the beginner series on playpoi (probably back in january or february) and Nick was explaining about same time/split time etc I am sure there was a part where he was try practising doing it with your arms crossed.

however, as I am impatient and just wanted to learn moves I didn't do this for more than about 30 seconds.

I really wanted to learn crossers, and I am assuming being able to spin split time/same direction with your arms crossed is a prerequisite or will I find if I just keep practising with one arm at a time (i.e. holding my hand to the opposite shoulder and rocking my body to cross the poi) when I finally try putting the two arms together the split timing will follow naturally as a consequence of the rocking body motion?

Any thoughts would be much welcome!



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Posted:Yeah I saw Nicks one and couldn't learn from that.
Just practice one hand then the other.. then put them together as you said, with the rocking.. it will fall in place.
I found this video the most helpful.

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