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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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Kinda scared about starting this thread cos i have a bad history of starting thread that already exist BUT i have done an extensive search and im pretty sure that this thread is completely new!!

i was just out in the garden having a bit of a spin, and i thought "hmmm i wonder what other people are trying to learn at the moment" and decided it would be agreat insight into the future of poi and where people were heading, and serve as inspiration to people who are a bit stuck. There is the obvious "oooh ive just learnt this" thread stuck at the top, but i thought it'd be good to hear what problems people are having with the moves while they are learning them, and how the over come them so other people can look and discover ways they might not have thought of.

so start your replies with "This Week I Am Mostly Learning....."

This Week I Am Mostly Learning.....3bt btb weaves, reverse5bt weave, and trying to work out 6bt TTN aswell as forward7bt weave. Problems?? loads, but these moves ( wink):
3btbtb weave, i keep hitting myself in the head, but im slowly getting the timing down,
Reverse 5bt, my wrists dont seem to like it, still working on timing, again keep hitting myself in the head ubbrollsmile
6btTTN again, the wrists are complaining, and the timing keeps going off
Forward7bt, i got a few beats the otehr night but i lost it now frown confused

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nupoCarpal \'Tunnel
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-liquid spinning
-'no cross-over' aka reel spinning
-more turning and 360's
-more CAP's

thirteenBRONZE Member
The Death Card
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finally starting to get a feel for orbitals! I never thought the day would come. still have a long way to go to be comfortable with them but at least they're beginning to work out for me.

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RuzeBRONZE Member
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I learned some contact poi, specifically arm rolls, about a month ago (inner, outer, toss to roll). Now i'm working on incorporating them into my performance without isolating them as their own section of a routine.

lawlietSILVER Member
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Location: London. UK

Meltdowns... i cant do them. i hate them. i am clearly doing something wrong maybe il put a video up so people can scrutinize

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iSp1nF1reBRONZE Member
Alcoholic FlowMaster
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Originally Posted By: lawlietMeltdowns... i cant do them. i hate them. i am clearly doing something wrong maybe il put a video up so people can scrutinize

wheres that video at? meltdowns are the bomb

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nupoCarpal \'Tunnel
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Just started working on isolations. I've learned that the trick is to look at the middle of the chain.

I've been trying for a while now to figure out Reverse 5-beat weaves but having little success.

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The Mercedes (also called a split time opposite direction hybrid).
It's a triquetra in a circle and unless repeatedly hitting myself in the nose is part of the pattern, I have a ways to go.

timmehSILVER Member
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Location: Australia

getting the reverse superman and some variants grin

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