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Brian JSILVER Member
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Location: Maryland, USA

I'm relatively new to spinning poi, and there's something I am working on in my progress. It's for a performance concept I am working towards. Here's what I want to be able to do:

Smoothly and quickly change spin direction from reverse to forward spin.

I want to be able to be doing forward weaves, turn my body 180 degrees so that I am facing the opposite direction, and then transition into doing forward weaves again. I can do this comfortably now, but when I change direction, I my poi are reverse spinning. I need to shift that to forward again.

What moves help to transition spin direction?

Ideas? Does that make any sense?

ABOB - Pois'n'us
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pendulums, stalls or throws or the quickest method. changing planes can also work but it may take a bit longer and my not go fit into a routine.

stalls are quickest and can be done without people noticing, but getting the timing/accuracy right may take some practice. pendulums are a little easier but may slow the routine down a bit, though most like the look of them -ive seen acts that have 2/3s of the routine using pendulums in different ways. throws are most difficult as your accuracy and timing needs to be perfect to be able to make the transition look smooth but with practice it can be a great way to impress people -especially on fire and/or when you make a flourish with your hand to show its been thrown.

note: pendulum can be seen as a slow stall and the changing direction when catching a throw is basically a stall too

changing planes, like in a 3d flower, can be useful to learn. look at how most beginners get from wheel plane to butterfly, see how few beats you can do to do the same thing. when you add antispin, stalls, pendulums, etc., it becomes second nature eventually to be able to transition skillfully between nearly any move

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Brian JSILVER Member
2 posts
Location: Maryland, USA

Thanks a bunch! Some form of stall will definitely do the trick. I hadn't really started looking at those as much, and didn't think of them as a transition tool between moves. I can already visualize how a basic stall will do exactly what I want.

Now ... just have to get through the rest of the work day until I can get home and try it out.

DurbsBRONZE Member
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Also... bounces/taps off arms/legs/feet or wraps/spiral-wraps over wrists.

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MynciBRONZE Member
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What durbs said. I like spiral wraps round the hands, it leaves pretty trails in photos plus I use Kevlar wrist guards for safety.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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