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Posted:Okay, so please forgive me if I over indulge but I prefer thorough. About 4 months ago I made some sock poi and decided to just get at it. i live in China, so my apartment at the time didn't allot for much poi room and there are no instructors (that I met) outside of youtube. Hence, I only managed to learn split time, forward, reversals, opposites and turns before I had to hang up my socks. Now I am living in a new apartment where I took it up immediately. in all honesty, I am addicted. I carry my socks with me and practice in my spare time and manage to play poi after workouts and when I am watching tv. However, I am still without instructor and have a bad gauge at progress (it has only been a week, though). Since I started up again, I've taken much better. I can do butterflies like you would not believe (including moving from standing butterfly to on my knees to laying on my back without breaking) and can do a little buzzsaw, some behind the back work (still working), two beat weave, etc. HOWEVER, I am not sure (1) what a good logical progression is in movements and how to learn, etc. and (2) if I am managing a three beat weave properly. This is not the extent of my concerns, but the two I want to post here. I have trouble with visualizing at times and when I overcompensate I end up with a super PAINFUL strike to the groin. I think when I look I cross planes and hit myself. Anyway, I am just a mess cause I love doing this but need some direction. Any advice? Thanks.

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Posted:I HIGHLY recommend checking out Nick Woosley's Poi Spinning Beginner's Series course on Udemy. It's a 12 week course that will guide you through laying a rock solid poi spinning foundation. It's got a powerful structure to keep you steadily progressing. It takes the guess work out of what to practice next. It's a paid course but he offers different pay scales depending on income / economic disparities between countries.

There were a couple things I missed in my first year spinning. I bought this (even though I could probably have started the intermediate series) because I wanted to make I wasn't missing anything. Well... It turns out that I was. One particular lesson was, for me, worth the price of the entire course.

I can't recommend it enough!