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Posted: heyas, guys!

i'm trying to write a tutorial and i don't know if i'm using this word correctly, and i cannot find the DEFINITION of it anywhere. it gets USED a lot...

i THINK "inspin" means when you are spinning the Poi on the inside of your forearm, instead of on the outside. for example, to do a buzzsaw, you use split time, same direction inspins.

if that's not what it means... what DOES it mean? and what IS the name for... spinning the Poi inside your forearm instead of outside? ;D thanks a tonne!!

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Posted:Inspin is when you do another beat/circle with the Poi while moving the arm in extension in the same direction,
for example (stolen from the Third order thread):
this is a 4 petal INSPIN - notice the Poi spinning counter-clockwise and does one extra spin in each corner - the extra spin is called inspin, (if the arm would go opposite than the Poi movment it will be antispin - example:




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Posted:Blrender have you ever finished building that tutorial?