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Purchase Flowlight FS  
29th May, 2012
Just Awesome
"Very sturdy very bright very versatile. The lights by themselves are very strong and can handle pretty hard knocks (but take care of them anyways!). They can be as light as glowsticks by themselves or you can get crystal cases or the modular system parts to protect them and make them heavier and add flowmasses to get to just the right weight that you want. Definitely use rechargeables on these ones. There's a marked difference in battery life compared to cheap alkalines and they tend to cut out sometimes when I use alkalines. With the new Gen2 flowlights there's also a superbright setting for all the modes which is really nice to have if you want to light up in a not so dark place."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Nylon Poi Bag  
6th April, 2011
Does what it's supposed to do.
"It kinda looks and feels a bit tacky and flimsy but it's pretty strong and survives quite a bit of abuse. Been crushed around in my bags and backpacks and my pockets for most of a year and it's still pretty much the same as when it arrived. The logo however rubbed away within the first week of arriving (not that it matters too much). It can hold two pairs flowlights with crystal cases and their handles and so on with a bit of room to spare to try and give an idea of its size. Worth buying if you want something cheap and reliable to keep your poi together and separate from the other stuff in your bags."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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