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a list of helpful threads about common moves:

with unhelpful comments from me smile


Good stuff from loads, nice thread to continue...


Jello, Glass and Spiralx probably all drink Carling Black Label

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! i love One Wheel Dave, cos he's a boodist, like MCA from the Beastie Boys


Lots of good advice from many people

Many of good advice from lots people


Not very good, but the best i could find:


Fluffy Napalm Fairy is very cool and has slept in my bed. Unfortunately i wasn't in it at the time

(unfortunately this thread suffers from broken link syndrome frown )


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Old skool Hoppers and an anonymous Josh give sum phat advyse

sometimes, PK and Mot like to pretend they're japanese schoolgirls...

PK hunts down and kills wildebeest. Not for food - that'd be natural. Pure bloodlust. It's sickening... Someone should do something about him.

Funky thread - Cleaning up 5b weave


Many people = Lots of good advice.

Unicyclist and Clubswinger caught in Wrist/Elbow Debating Scandal!!!!!

Rev says some cool stuff here. He's in a cult now, you know. Every time i try to chat to him about antispin he just starts talking about motherships and cosmic vibration. Quite sad really. (note: this is a lie)

Malcolm talks about hitting himself in the face with beaming Poi. i do that too. Great minds think alike, eh?

BEHIND THE BACK WEAVE (mainly reverse)

oldskool advice is the best advice

oldskool advice II - the oldskool strike back

oldskool advice III - revenge of the oldskool


Dragon isn't really a dragon. He's just pretending.

the usual suspects, offering "helpful nuggets"...

The UN have declared that 'Fluffy Napalm' is a 'Weapon of Fluffy Destruction', and it's use is therefore a flagrant breach of basic pixie rights.


This thread is pretty definitive, and Glass is a 'little bunny sandwich'


Good advice, a debate about names and soft drug references? What more could you asK???


The list was cut down from my original one i posted, removing threads that were less helpful, or just duplicated advice from the other threads.

this post originally went like THIS:

Hi there smile

i've been thinking it'd be nice if this forum had a list of the best threads about the most commonly asked about moves (The Weave, Windmill, BTB Weave, 5bt weave, all the stuff from the HOP lessons, etc...)

i've been thinking it'd be really nice if people asking about moves were given a helpful place to go to, rather than being curtly told to "Do a Search".

The search function can be quite helpful, but it's really hard to find the most useful and relevant threads, particularly when they involve extremely common subject matter.

i don't reckon this list would stop people asking about the same old moves, but it would give us a set location to direct people to, and a set location for new advice to be offered.

So if people could post links here to really helpful advice threads about common moves then they'd make me a happy monkey smile

I think that ones that link to other relevant threads are particularly useful:

like Dragon07's great post in this Forwards BTB Weave thread

(i know coleman did some similar helpful linking in a 5beat weave thread recently. i've been searching for it for 15 minutes now and i can't find it redface Anyone know where it is?)

So, all suggestions for good move advice threads will be most gratefully accepted. Now i'm off to trawl the most deepy deepest depths of this Forum looking for advice on how to do the weave. Smoke me a kipper...

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i am having problems with isolated buzz saws i am really close but i cant get it for more than a few rotations with out one ether falling and it stops spinning cuz it's too slow or it dosen't stay even any tips?

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Try leaning further forwards so your right over it, also you have to have the timing spot on or your Poi will catch each other and fall out/tangle.

Of course you could be trying to do an isolated buzz saw hyperloop.......

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zildjinboyBRONZE Member
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what's a isolated buzz saw hyperloop?

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Light them up baby!
I teach Fire Poi and after the 2nd month most students are lighting up, you sound like you know enough tricks just keep it basic and maybe try your first burn during the day as it can be alot more dawnting at night when the fire appears bigger.
Make sure you have someone with a running hose to watch you and also there are some great tips in home of pois backyard spinners guide to fire DVD goos safety tips and it's free when you buy a set of Poi.
Also Sage behind the flame is a good tutorial DVD for beginners.
Ball chain is good for beginners, monkey fists are too solid to start with for the first time, stick to the weka ballchain Poi or a cheap set of cathedrals, get the moves with fire first, you dont need heavy Poi till you get into isolations and throws.
rock on and feel free to message our troupe with any questions you may have. biggrin
You can visit our website at weavesmiley

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Buzzsaw with an isolation in it, that means your arm move around the Poi in the buzzsaw instead of the Poi moving in your hands, there are online lessons on Home Of Poi for isolations but you need fairly heavy Poi and to learn to buzzsaw very slowly.
As for hyperloops, theyre just difficuilt, if you need to learn some advanced Poi Tricks I recommend buying encyclopoidia DVD from Home Of Poi, that guy is amazing!
If youre not quite at that level Sage behind the flame is a good tutorial but not as mind boggling.
Checkout our site at

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THere is nothing on the link that you have send.
what are you talking about

Poi videos " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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This thread has been really helpful-thank you smile

2 posts

Its highly informative. I would be visiting your blog hereafter regularly to gather valuable information.

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need somthing to do, i know all the basic moves and am looking for some new ones to work on, do u guys hav any tips? i hav a set of flowlights that i spin and i <3 them smile

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ok so how i learned to butterfly was stand facing a wall get close to it get your Poi going seperated and then bring them together keep your dominant hand set a half inch higher and a half inch back from your undominant so the planes r different


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