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Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Sun678
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"This space is for all those funksters busy improving their technique by learning new moves - made-up or traditional. Tell us all about it! We love hearing about our fellow poiers/staf..."
Posted: by simian
Last Reply: by 2hhh
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"a list of helpful threads about common moves:with unhelpful comments from me 3BEAT WEAVEGood stuff from loads, nice thread to continue..."
Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to the Poi Moves discussion forumThis is the place to find new moves and get help with a move you're trying to get.As this site has existed for many years many things have alrea..."
Posted: by Brian J
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I'm relatively new to spinning poi, and there's something I am working on in my progress. It's for a performance concept I am working towards. Here's what I want to be able to do:Smooth..."
Posted: by MAV
Last Reply: by MAV
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"Hello, I am very interested in learning this new art form. I am also a professional dancer and instructor myself and just want to add this to my repertoire. Can anyone direct me to some..."
Posted: by Taylor Jaelyn
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"I'm starting to spin poi! Like literally just starting. I've learned a few moves, that's it.What moves should I learn first?Like a list going from the basics I absolutely need to know s..."
Posted: by alisamamos
Last Reply: by klacek
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"ok, I basically have the backwards two beat weave down, and I get better every time I work on it. But somehow, when I try the three beat weave my poi just fly everywhere and I end up hi..."
Posted: by Beckyprice85
Last Reply: by Soleilgee
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"I'm looking for videos on beginner moves with this frame. I'm concerned about spins and stops, is it difficult to stop a spin? What other tricks can you do with this rounded frame? Ther..."
Posted: by dpontalion
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"I am a new spinner wounderijt what best way to learn split time is"
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"So I am going to be honest....when I first watched the beginner series on playpoi (probably back in january or february) and Nick was explaining about same time/split time etc I am sure..."
Posted: by Raminta Urbonavičiūtė
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"i can easily do fountain from right to left, but reverse fountain causes a lot of problem. could somebody please describe in great detail how it is done. for me the hardest is to go fro..."
Posted: by FireBender
Last Reply: by Miles Harris Cottrell
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"Okay, so please forgive me if I over indulge but I prefer thorough. About 4 months ago I made some sock poi and decided to just get at it. i live in China, so my apartment at the time..."
Posted: by JessPezInnit
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"So I am new here, been interested in Poi and Firebreathing for a long time but only recently decided to do something about it. What was everybody's experiences like of starting out with..."
Posted: by kneebrace
Last Reply: by jrose152
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"Hello!I've been doing windmills for a while now, but I only recently saw myself doing them from the side. When I did, I realized that, when the poi are in front of me, my plane is more ..."
Posted: by PixelRazor
Last Reply: by jrose152
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"So i'm relatively new to poi, and I'm lost on what to learn now. Does anyone have a good progressive of what tricks to learn in what order? As of right now i can do 3 beat weave, revers..."
Posted: by irenevonfrieden
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hello to all the community! I just got a pair of tailed poi and I'm very excited about it I am an absolute beginner-till now, I can only swing same time and split time.. my question i..."
Posted: by pianista0817
Last Reply: by graham young
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"I just started palying poi yesterday, any tips for me? what moves should i study first?"
Posted: by tycane
Last Reply: by alfani
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"Hi I'm looking for inspiration videos of female poi dancers or fire dancer. I have looked on youtube but I'm having a hard time finding good females who dance and preform not just spin ..."
Posted: by jublian
Last Reply: by cjl85uk
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"Has anyone else done this?I'm not technically relearning in that i'm going back and learning things i should probably already know.I'm talking about forward 2 beats with my weaker hand,..."
Posted: by Hayley McConaghy
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hey I'm Hayley, 20 year old artist/game developer. I live in Holywood Co.Down, Northern Ireland and I really want to learn!!Anyone willing to teach me nearby? Thanks!"
Posted: by Skitt195
Last Reply: by andrewwhitworth
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"Hello I live in braintree and for a while I've been looking for classes or work shops where I can learn poi staff etc however I can't find any does anyone have any information or know o..."
Posted: by Imbalance
Last Reply: by fred_roudaut
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"So came across this some time ago actually but never did find the link for it again. Welp now i've found it thanks to Stumble! (love that lil button)"
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"Is it possible to incorporate poi moves into fan spinning?"
Posted: by joffjk
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"This video is an amazing video in helping understand timing and direction "
Posted: by Sam_LaBonte
Last Reply: by msg
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"this is me with my sock poi, i have been spinning for right around 5 weeks, how am i doing??????"
Posted: by Kimber
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"I just decided tonight as I was spinning that I think I will plan to do my first burn on Samhain, October 31st, 2013. I have been spinning poi for about a year and I have been thinking ..."
Posted: by VampyricAcid
Last Reply: by timmeh
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"Kinda scared about starting this thread cos i have a bad history of starting thread that already exist BUT i have done an extensive search and im pretty sure that this thread is complet..."
Posted: by OcTavO
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Any advice on achieving that lovely straight line arc with Stall Chasers? I'm finding it very tricky to get the stationary, downward-facing poi into perfect alignment with the other as ..."
Posted: by neonraze
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"I can't seem to get my head (or body) around a crosser.I've watched the videos and have a basic understanding of the plane control required and where the crosspoints are... but for some..."
Posted: by Mary_Reichel
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Could anyone recommend a poi head that the flames burn big and bright under daylight/bright sun? I am performing at a theme park for the summer doing 4 sets. Since I start at 5:15 I f..."
Posted: by ohfillypoi
Last Reply: by jacktimo
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"Okay, I'm currently using shoe lace I believe a 32in or 36in on a regular glowstick. I have trouble learning how to wrap the shoe lace around my finger, or I don't know what finger to w..."
Posted: by ColtonB
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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" I have some Flowtoys and currently just have crystal cases on them (no Flowmasses). My setup also has swivels near the handles, I was just wondering if the location of swivels with the..."
Posted: by aar0n
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"need some help with new moves. currently can do -butterfly (split time)-corkscrew-2 beat-3 beat (reverse/forward)-buzzsaw-3 beat fountainany new move suggestions/ transitions would be g..."
Posted: by alexiaa
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"Bonjour j'ai construis il y a une semaine de bolas artificiel et j'ai commencer a regarder des tuto sur you tube mais je me noie compltement normalement vendredi j'aurait des bolas ave..."
Posted: by HydeChan
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hi. I'm relatively new to poi, but I know a few basic moves. My brother has been trying to teach me to do a reverse three beat weave, and he's having me spin my poi backwards, but when ..."
Posted: by brenonfire413
Last Reply: by Mtnsailor7
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"Last night I was watching this video on YouTube where a guy went from a one handed butterfly to a one handed corkscrew before going back to the butterfly before switching back to both h..."
Posted: by Matthew777
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hello everyone - New to the forums, and also new(ish) to poi. Although I've owned a set of poi for about a year, I've only just begun spinning on a regular basis in the past couple mon..."
Posted: by NanoyMaster
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"so I've been doing poi about 1 month 2 weeks ish...and made a compilation video of me learning.would love to know what you ideas, any thing I'm doing wrong or should learn to..."
Posted: by kneebrace
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"Hello!I've been doing poi for a month or two now, and I find myself stuck. I've gotten to the point where my two, three and five beat weaves are consistent, I can turn with the weaves e..."
Posted: by droid
Last Reply: by iSp1nF1re
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"The beginning of 2012 will mark my 6 month poi anniversary and I feel like I haven't even found the surface, let alone scratched it. My primary goals for the New Year are to maintain di..."
Posted: by dLs
Last Reply: by iSp1nF1re
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"Hallo, my new Ninja LED Poi just arrived. I just played for about half an hour with them and they are great. Except for the double noose. I tried ever grip but the nooses semm to be to ..."
Posted: by Flip
Last Reply: by flowforyou
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"OK, so I am new to Poi and the forums. I have wanted to learn Poi for years and yet it seamed so unattainable. A few weeks ago I was at a L.A.R.P. where we had a few spinners come out t..."
Posted: by madmolly36
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"To trace a circle of fire on the ground right before you start: do I just not spin off, light up, and draw the circle? Gonna try it anyway, just checking to see if this is considered a ..."
Posted: by timmeh
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"demos by timmehtek, more to come soon, taking suggestions too?. "
Posted: by ICTYYOU
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hey guys! I'm not sure exactly where I should have posted this, but hopefully "Beginner moves" is the right place.... I have a friend who is trying to learn poi, but (as far a..."
Posted: by pyroPLUR
Last Reply: by dartard
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"Hey people! Ive been spinning for 3 weeks and although I have afew moves they arent even and symmetrical. My planes go off as soon as I do any tricks although I can spin against the wal..."
Posted: by Firefly777
Last Reply: by wowlijetgold
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"Can someone please share with me is it possible to transition to the windmill when spinning a butterfly or 3 beat weave?Would you just reverse 3 beat weave or split time into it?I only ..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by wowlijetgold
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"Okay, I'd love to do this fountain thing, but alas the videos are over my head. Is it really a 3 beat weave in four positions? I'd have to be weaving really fast to even get it to work ..."
Posted: by doubleohseven
Last Reply: by kuro
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"so i have been spinning poi for several months and have started to learn flower but i have trouble keeping my planes straight what should i do "
Posted: by ohfillypoi
Last Reply: by neonraze
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"There's no vidoes on how to spin with lace and LED sticks. There's just sock and ball! I'm a fav or LED sticks not fire and balls nor hulas. But I don't notice videos on glowstringing!"
Posted: by EienRozen
Last Reply: by neonplaylist
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"I'm having trouble advancing in poi, because I keep looking up tricks randomly, and not understanding previous movements. There are plenty of tutorial video sets on Youtube, but I haven..."
Posted: by se7en
Last Reply: by ColtonB
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"Just curious. I know I like the water flowlights...what goes well with it? I'm thinking either Sol, Fire or Earth..."
Posted: by HeffeHeffeHeffe
Last Reply: by HeffeHeffeHeffe
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"ok so ive been working on it not even sure if its possible but wat ive got so far is butterfly in front of me and then take it over my head and hold it there in the now upwards butterfl..."
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