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Posted: by FlameDame
Last Reply: by Maximus
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"Ok this might be dumb but I'll go for it anyway. I have only been twirling a week or so and I'm doing a workshop on the weekend and I am going to light up. Its the purpose of the work..."
Posted: by MYsterfy
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 933    Replies: 1
"Now we all lust about the creation of coloured flames...ive heard of ppl using boric acid and etc. K now i was wondering what chemical do i add to my fuel to get a GREEN flame and how m..."
Posted: by Jacquib
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
Views: 913    Replies: 4
"Hey - I put a note on the Events board - don't know what else to do - anyone know any European boards? This is very last minute but any info or link up would be appreciated - for weddin..."
Posted: by IhavaDUCKonMEhead
Last Reply: by MYsterfy
Views: 954    Replies: 7
"I've been playing with practice poi for a while and I want to start fire. So, in looking for a fire set, I have come across a lot of talk about different fuels. I'm a bit confused. What..."
Posted: by Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin King
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 2418    Replies: 12
"I hear people say that firetwirlers use a special fuel that gives off a cold flame that doesn't burn. Where can I get some? Is it safe to breathe with? Help. ..."
Posted: by lilraverboy
Last Reply: by MaDMouSeFiReBoY
Views: 633    Replies: 2
"Well I neen help in finding really good music. I need fast beats and great sounds. Anything would help. Any rave,trance,house,ect. Name and song pleasety lilraverboy We live as we dr..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 1976    Replies: 5
"Wow. stupid ickle me forgot a direction again lol. Ok, so i'm doing a 360 rotor in front, and i turn so the rotor is behind my back (mind the stfaff hasn't actually moved.) But I can on..."
Posted: by snarf
Last Reply: by flowingchalice
Views: 1317    Replies: 9
"can sum1 please help me with my btb weave/chase ... ive looked at the pictures , and read the tips but it just aint working ! ...... how about some step by step instructions, or hand pl..."
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 575    Replies: 2
"Learning how to twirl poi's but no luck. Can somebody help me in brisbane, prefer northside but southside is ok."
Posted: by Eko
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 7157    Replies: 10
"How do you make uv reactive clothes? I heard bleaching works but what about colored clothing. Like orange or red? Help! "
Posted: by sonny_c
Last Reply: by sonny_c
Views: 1175    Replies: 3
"hey guys, im new here. just wondering if anyone can help me . im looking for somewhere to buy cheap wick. its so goddamn expensive! if anyones got any ideas, please give me a hand.cheer..."
Posted: by smashley
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 563    Replies: 1
" My neighbor is from New Zealand and she got me started doing pois but mine are homemade and not very good where could I get pois that are close to Vancouver. "
Posted: by toysaurus69
Last Reply: by rex
Views: 724    Replies: 1
"pretty new to this whole poi thingbut fairly good stringerjust wanted to know like whats the base rate to get a performer thats half assed decent to come to a show ... "
Posted: by snarf
Last Reply: by FreMke3
Views: 1846    Replies: 5
"i didnt really know where to put this, buti guess this is as gooder place as any.I've noticed that on this site there is allot of confusing thread space used up with threads with questi..."
Posted: by halfabike
Last Reply: by halfabike
Views: 1480    Replies: 2
"i'd like to enter the photo contest but i cant get any other HoP'ers to sponsor me because i dont personally know anyone from this board..!!what do i do? scan a photo ID too?"
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 1294    Replies: 2
"I've decided that I'm getting myself a pair of electroglo poi for my birthday (which was yesterday, so I'm already a bit late ), but I'm not too keen on the handles (since I prefer..."
Posted: by -[ld50]-
Last Reply: by MrConfused
Views: 1717    Replies: 4
"Hi,As someone who saw some brilliant poi stuff at Glastonbury this year and made the usual impulse buy of a practice set , I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a..."
Posted: by michello
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 1662    Replies: 4
"ive been having a lot of trouble with this...i used the lesson on this site, but i still havent been able to get the alt butterfly down...does anyone have any tips that might help? on ..."
Posted: by tennis
Last Reply: by IdubI
Views: 820    Replies: 1
"There now that i've got your attention erm someone is trying to contact me on private message and i don't know how to open it anyone help? please? anyone?'I'll be able to do it when the..."
Posted: by Zeek
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 949    Replies: 3
"I want to buy some electroglor poi, but they give you options of what length you want. Is this like with beginner poi where it has to be according to your arm length? Or is it just pe..."
Posted: by faery em
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 1930    Replies: 2
"i'm taking a plane tomorrow and am taking my brand new (and 1st) staff *feeling chuffed* whats the best way to protect it while travelling?...bearing in mind i dont have much choi..."
Posted: by )FyreFly(
Last Reply: by dromepixie
Views: 2986    Replies: 9
"I Keep hearing about these 2 people moves, but can't find info on any of them! Please post any that u know with instructions on how 2 do them! I appreciate anybody's help. "
Posted: by Aisha
Last Reply: by IdubI
Views: 854    Replies: 3
"are the best? I've got home made ones. Are they oke for learning?"
Posted: by Kerri_Considine
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 833    Replies: 5
"I am using kerosene and a little white gas but the flame seems to be very dull is there something that will make the flame brighter?Thank YouKERRI"
Posted: by faery em
Last Reply: by faery em
Views: 1906    Replies: 6
"on saturday i'm going to greece (yay )i don't know whether i'll be able to light my toys there, but i suddenly had a vision of little me in a greek minimarkt trying to read the greek..."
Posted: by Burns
Last Reply: by Burns
Views: 1261    Replies: 5
"is it possible to do any tricks with one going forwards and one backwards i can kinda do a weavy thingy, and can 8 poi be done or even 4 in weave?Scars are tatoos for the brave (i know ..."
Posted: by emmanuelle369
Last Reply: by emmanuelle369
Views: 618    Replies: 2
"hello...hello.... i have developed an interest in meteors and i was wondering if there was anybody out there who would please be able to give me advice, tips or any information on them...."
Posted: by Tanessa
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1209    Replies: 10
"To anyone out there wanting to know tricks, moves, proper techniques, etc, or needs any Q's answered about it, just ask me, the Staff Master"
Posted: by SmokyDavy
Last Reply: by SmokyDavy
Views: 778    Replies: 3
"I was just looking through my parent's house supplies and I came across some anti-freeze.Looking for the ingredients, all it says is "Contains Methyl Alchohol and detergent"Now, knowing..."
Posted: by Munkeyrach
Last Reply: by rex
Views: 2961    Replies: 16
"Hellooo How are you today...... I have been teaching myself to fire twirl for about 6 months now but I still dont know exactly what oil to use. I have been using smelly citroneella lamp..."
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Views: 1130    Replies: 0
"i need some help on how to take pictures of glow sticks and i also wanted to know if the pratice poi that glow under UV light has the same effect as the glow stick when takeing pictures"
Posted: by Fwirl :p
Last Reply: by Fwirl :p
Views: 727    Replies: 2
"hey hippies far and wide !my names lydia and i was wondering if there is n e one around the age of "can not get into the bars yet!" who lives in nz (wellington) and wants to do jambe ..."
Posted: by antimatter
Last Reply: by antimatter
Views: 1271    Replies: 5
"I have just started learning how to use double staffs, and I was wondering if anyoine has any pointers. I cut myself a pair of extra long ones....4 feet each (I am 6'4", so I have the w..."
Posted: by ArseNiC
Last Reply: by Kyro
Views: 813    Replies: 1
"Does anyone know of any places in Portland, OR to buy practice poi...like the light up ball with the LED lights in it...Stuff like that?Rachel"
Posted: by tennis
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1434    Replies: 14
"I live in a haven for pretentious fire dancersI have just starting poi and although there is a fairly large population of dancers here they are all to up themselves to share their knowl..."
Posted: by Fwirl :p
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 748    Replies: 2
"hey hippies far and wide !my names lydia and i was wondering if there is n e one around the age of "can not get into the bars yet!" who lives in nz (wellington) and wants to do jambe ..."
Posted: by Xebarsis
Last Reply: by Fwirl :p
Views: 1371    Replies: 17
"Hey, anyone have some random tips for somebody new at poi? Anything works. "
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 847    Replies: 6
"how do u go about soaking the wicks on staff?? "
Posted: by lilraverboy
Last Reply: by FlameChild
Views: 562    Replies: 1
"In the viedo section you have a clip of two people dancing poi, its the "christ church winter festival poi performance" i want to know does anybody know the name of that song ..."
Posted: by BamBam
Last Reply: by Carrey
Views: 1020    Replies: 3
"Time for you all to put your thinking caps on Do you know of any poi Courses that are held in London??Bam "
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Last Reply: by glowshow
Views: 1125    Replies: 8
"what is the best way to video tape glowpoi?"
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1203    Replies: 5
"what is sparkly poi and how does it get sparklybecause i am thinking about spinning sparlky and well umm.... i am clueless "
Posted: by lolli
Last Reply: by arashi
Views: 907    Replies: 1
"ok quick question... i cant get hold of any paraffin for this weekend but we've got some lamp oil here at home and i was wondering if that could work as well (or am i just being blonde..."
Posted: by Locofly
Last Reply: by halfabike
Views: 1144    Replies: 1
"hey people..just a couple quick questions...ive been using my fire poi and wondered how to care for the wicks(interleave) after use...i use citronella fuel and cool them off after use w..."
Posted: by faery em
Last Reply: by faery em
Views: 4483    Replies: 10
" just asking all knowledgable londonites:i want a really nice pair of new wings. taking into account money. if anyone knows wheres a good place for buying them let me know...also ..."
Posted: by tricksen
Last Reply: by Thistle
Views: 954    Replies: 2
" would like to make a staff,but not sure how! so is there any informed peeps out there that could give me some advice.cheersoh,also where can you get glow sticks from (for poi)but ..."
Posted: by Cage
Views: 1234    Replies: 0
"ok, for all those who don't know what the U.P. is in Michigan - it is a vast nothingness with people who have poor dental care and talk like Canadians (no offense to Canadians, i love t..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 819    Replies: 1
"how do you soak a staff in fuel, and for how long?? "
Posted: by HellCat
Last Reply: by HellCat
Views: 1017    Replies: 6
"alright.. this is really getting to me.. i can do moves like the forward weave and the windmill and chasing the sun (only been spinning for less then a month) and i cannot do the butter..."
Posted: by bugaboo
Last Reply: by vyvyan
Views: 1327    Replies: 6
"Hello everyone. I have been trying for the longest time to do the onehanded betterfly but when I slip tyhe left hand on the the right hand, my poi tangle and start going in the same dir..."
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