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Posted: by Tanessa
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1164    Replies: 10
"To anyone out there wanting to know tricks, moves, proper techniques, etc, or needs any Q's answered about it, just ask me, the Staff Master"
Posted: by SmokyDavy
Last Reply: by SmokyDavy
Views: 717    Replies: 3
"I was just looking through my parent's house supplies and I came across some anti-freeze.Looking for the ingredients, all it says is "Contains Methyl Alchohol and detergent"Now, knowing..."
Posted: by Munkeyrach
Last Reply: by rex
Views: 2793    Replies: 16
"Hellooo How are you today...... I have been teaching myself to fire twirl for about 6 months now but I still dont know exactly what oil to use. I have been using smelly citroneella lamp..."
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Views: 978    Replies: 0
"i need some help on how to take pictures of glow sticks and i also wanted to know if the pratice poi that glow under UV light has the same effect as the glow stick when takeing pictures"
Posted: by Fwirl :p
Last Reply: by Fwirl :p
Views: 650    Replies: 2
"hey hippies far and wide !my names lydia and i was wondering if there is n e one around the age of "can not get into the bars yet!" who lives in nz (wellington) and wants to do jambe ..."
Posted: by antimatter
Last Reply: by antimatter
Views: 1188    Replies: 5
"I have just started learning how to use double staffs, and I was wondering if anyoine has any pointers. I cut myself a pair of extra long ones....4 feet each (I am 6'4", so I have the w..."
Posted: by ArseNiC
Last Reply: by Kyro
Views: 678    Replies: 1
"Does anyone know of any places in Portland, OR to buy practice poi...like the light up ball with the LED lights in it...Stuff like that?Rachel"
Posted: by tennis
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1301    Replies: 14
"I live in a haven for pretentious fire dancersI have just starting poi and although there is a fairly large population of dancers here they are all to up themselves to share their knowl..."
Posted: by Fwirl :p
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 629    Replies: 2
"hey hippies far and wide !my names lydia and i was wondering if there is n e one around the age of "can not get into the bars yet!" who lives in nz (wellington) and wants to do jambe ..."
Posted: by Xebarsis
Last Reply: by Fwirl :p
Views: 1305    Replies: 17
"Hey, anyone have some random tips for somebody new at poi? Anything works. "
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 761    Replies: 6
"how do u go about soaking the wicks on staff?? "
Posted: by lilraverboy
Last Reply: by FlameChild
Views: 475    Replies: 1
"In the viedo section you have a clip of two people dancing poi, its the "christ church winter festival poi performance" i want to know does anybody know the name of that song ..."
Posted: by BamBam
Last Reply: by Carrey
Views: 790    Replies: 3
"Time for you all to put your thinking caps on Do you know of any poi Courses that are held in London??Bam "
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Last Reply: by glowshow
Views: 1017    Replies: 8
"what is the best way to video tape glowpoi?"
Posted: by freakshow glow boy
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1075    Replies: 5
"what is sparkly poi and how does it get sparklybecause i am thinking about spinning sparlky and well umm.... i am clueless "
Posted: by lolli
Last Reply: by arashi
Views: 794    Replies: 1
"ok quick question... i cant get hold of any paraffin for this weekend but we've got some lamp oil here at home and i was wondering if that could work as well (or am i just being blonde..."
Posted: by Locofly
Last Reply: by halfabike
Views: 1041    Replies: 1
"hey people..just a couple quick questions...ive been using my fire poi and wondered how to care for the wicks(interleave) after use...i use citronella fuel and cool them off after use w..."
Posted: by faery em
Last Reply: by faery em
Views: 4232    Replies: 10
" just asking all knowledgable londonites:i want a really nice pair of new wings. taking into account money. if anyone knows wheres a good place for buying them let me know...also ..."
Posted: by tricksen
Last Reply: by Thistle
Views: 872    Replies: 2
" would like to make a staff,but not sure how! so is there any informed peeps out there that could give me some advice.cheersoh,also where can you get glow sticks from (for poi)but ..."
Posted: by Cage
Views: 1001    Replies: 0
"ok, for all those who don't know what the U.P. is in Michigan - it is a vast nothingness with people who have poor dental care and talk like Canadians (no offense to Canadians, i love t..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 761    Replies: 1
"how do you soak a staff in fuel, and for how long?? "
Posted: by HellCat
Last Reply: by HellCat
Views: 937    Replies: 6
"alright.. this is really getting to me.. i can do moves like the forward weave and the windmill and chasing the sun (only been spinning for less then a month) and i cannot do the butter..."
Posted: by bugaboo
Last Reply: by vyvyan
Views: 1239    Replies: 6
"Hello everyone. I have been trying for the longest time to do the onehanded betterfly but when I slip tyhe left hand on the the right hand, my poi tangle and start going in the same dir..."
Posted: by Sepa
Last Reply: by Sepa
Views: 881    Replies: 2
"How do I?? Call me dumb or whatever, but I can't figure it out.Heeeeeeellllppppppp..... "
Posted: by Lightwister
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
Views: 745    Replies: 1
"I am having problems with my POI going out way way 2 soon. right now I'm using a 2/1 ratio of lamp oil and 100% kero. Could anyone please tell me what the use and how long it lasts. ..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 998    Replies: 1
"what's a fire whip and how can you make one?? "
Posted: by Flynt
Last Reply: by shizN0T
Views: 1478    Replies: 8
"Hi all!I'm fairly new to poi, (six months spinning) and not really up to spinning with flame yet. I am having great sucess with glowsticks tho! But, i could really use some tips on taki..."
Posted: by Lightwister
Last Reply: by ufo8mycat
Views: 1133    Replies: 3
"I just bought some fire POI and was wondering (if i use colman fuel) how long will the fire last on the POI, before the wicks start to become injured. Basically asking, how long can i ..."
Posted: by Aisha
Last Reply: by PeDey
Views: 1343    Replies: 4
"Hit my head so hard trying to do the Alternate butterfly yesterday, I almost knocked myself out .The poi keep hitting my ass and sometimes my head when I twirl them over my shoulder..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
Views: 1240    Replies: 2
"ah, bah at me, i was too lazy to search.my (new) fire poi (cathedral style wicks) don't seem to burn very evenly. some parts are blacker than others, and some are barely burnt. Us ther..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 1100    Replies: 3
"Hi!I am searching for the weights that you use for making flags, anyone know where i can buy them in or near Camden/Kentish Town?Thankyou, you funky people!CheersAxis."
Posted: by Benstickin
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1543    Replies: 5
"I was watching the staff movies and i watched the first on and the short staff with the lights on the end.The ones that light up when you move them..it had said see shop so I clicked o..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Views: 1411    Replies: 2
"What's a monkey fist not, how are they used??Also, I've done poi using lamp oil and I'm interested in trying kero or coleman's, which is better any suggestions?? "
Posted: by tricksen
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1675    Replies: 15
"quite new too poi,but find my chains,too heavy and cumbersome.i am only a little person,and the poi i use are homemade,chains attached to a metal tube with the kevlar wrapped around(hop..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Bram....
Views: 1257    Replies: 3
"I am having trouble sourcing a company that will insure me for fire performing, i am up for renewal and my current brokers have just stopped doing it!Seems like some cowboy messed it up..."
Posted: by HellCat
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 1184    Replies: 3
"I finally took my comet poi out to the rave club here in Red Deer... i noticed the entire thing is not uv reflective.. the green glows just fine.. the blue doesn't at all.. would it be ..."
Posted: by tricksen
Last Reply: by Paddy
Views: 2648    Replies: 6
"which is the best to use?what is the difference between them?which is the lightest?any info.cheers trickenxx**************************************************onwards,upwa..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
Last Reply: by Hel
Views: 3220    Replies: 8
"Morning!i was just wondering if anyone has tried to sew kevlar wick? I want to try and need some thread suggestions. all i can think of is to use wire. can anyone help please?"
Posted: by Komainu
Last Reply: by catboy
Views: 1049    Replies: 1
"I'm going out on the road soon and want to keep practicing since I'm just starting out. I really can't afford to keep buying glowsticks and practicing without some sort of light isn't v..."
Posted: by TwirlyVic
Last Reply: by TwirlyVic
Views: 1996    Replies: 5
"Halo my darlingsright i'm wondering, i adore my staff but i want to introduce something new into my stuff (i dont have an act lol!)so i was wondering about the above two. I have done un..."
Posted: by ufo8mycat
Last Reply: by smilee
Views: 1429    Replies: 2
"This may sound daft, and the answer is probably buried here somewhere, but how do I get all the residue and soot off my poi?Hope you're all good,A"
Posted: by Kerri_Considine
Last Reply: by Rozi
Views: 1296    Replies: 1
"hi,I am looking for anyone who knows poi in my area I learned Amsterdam and Spain most the people I know have never even heard of Poi. I would like someone to share infor with.KERRI"
Posted: by izyinyet
Last Reply: by lolli
Views: 2253    Replies: 6
"Could any one tell me of any place that sells wick in the UK I'm having troble getting itThank you"
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1527    Replies: 1
"I'm a bit confused as to the purpose of this subtopic. Was it's original intent to be for those who need help with the site? Because that's what it looked like from the instructions. ..."
Posted: by Ade
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 2883    Replies: 4
"I'm looking for a couple of belly dancing fire eaters and a swordswallower - any around on this board?I've got a work opportunity for someone in Sydney if anyone's interested......Drop ..."
Posted: by Wikkaman
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1536    Replies: 2
"As if my subject heading doesn't give it away I would like to know where the link message board is to be found."
Posted: by Aisha
Last Reply: by Aisha
Views: 2151    Replies: 6
"The hardest part of spinning poi as a beginner, I think, is how to move the hands/wrists. How is it done? I watched the video (on this site) tons of times, but I just can't seem to figu..."
Posted: by theunsjb
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 3133    Replies: 5
"HiI am using Poi Chains and would like to know how i can make my tails longer. On the website photos, the fire tails of the performers are really long.Kind RegardsTheuns"
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by master sodium
Views: 1735    Replies: 2
"well, it looks like I may be ending up with my first paying gig!I was wondering what sort of things I need in the contract as far as liability goes (if I'm allowed to use fire), and any..."
Posted: by theunsjb
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 1563    Replies: 1
"HiI don't seem to get a really long fire tail when using my kevlar poi chains. I dip the wicks in paraffin and then light them, but when swinging, i can't seem to get a very long tail...."
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