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ah, bah at me, i was too lazy to search.

my (new) fire poi (cathedral style wicks) don't seem to burn very evenly. some parts are blacker than others, and some are barely burnt. Us there a good way to correct this? I used lamp oil, I know that they were soaked long enough, they are a bit tricky to light, is that part of it? i

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i noticed that my poi burn like that too...but so does my staff and my askrima sticks and my swords ect. so i dont worry about it. i always figured that was just how it burned...maybe im wrong tho...

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try using a mix of 40% lamp oil and a 60% white gas (colemans fuel), thats what i use, very esy lighting, and burn time on my tubecore wix is 4-6 minutes, though i will be getting the cathederal wicks soon!!

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