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Posted:The hardest part of spinning poi as a beginner, I think, is how to move the hands/wrists. How is it done? I watched the video (on this site) tons of times, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Can anybody please help me on this??

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Posted:Hey there I'm new to this to the best adice I can give is just relax and keep your wrist loose. are there any moves in perticular your havin trouble with? The discriptions that go with videos are realy good, I've learnt most of my stuff from this web site. just keep practising and you'll get it remember relax

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Posted:It'll come with practice and more practice will make it more fluid. It's hard to explain in words, and the videos never show things that clearly.

I find that when holding your poi the hands themselves should be clenched so that the poi is more controlled by the position of the wrist and arms than the fingers. If you make a fist with your hand you can lay the thumb on top of the wrist pointing down the direction of the poi.

As you spin use your wrist to guide the direction of the poi in it's circular spin, like the poi is an extension from your hand. Use your arms to guide the circle of the poi around your body.

Hope that helped at least a bit!


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Posted:And look at your wrists too... In the beginning we often are stuck looking at the ground and that has two effects
a) your back is tensed and your moves are not as smooth
b) you can't see what you are doing...

look at your wrists. spin only with one hand, put the other hand on the hand that spins and feel that your wrist is ACTUALLY going around. that is the bast way to avoid doing all the moves with your forearm by mistake.

use your shadow (if there is sun) to correct the course of the poi and make wure it is parallell to your body..;

just my two cents
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Posted:what I did to learn the proper wrist movements was I blindfolded myself, and spun some simple moves for about 20 minutes. it really helped me to feel where the poi were rather then try to watch and force them. this may not work for you, but it really helped me.

good luck with your poiing

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Posted:Hiya, the best tip I found when I was starting on forwards swing and backwards swing was about where your palms have to face so that the strings don't get tangled. Once you have got the hang off that, it starts to make more sense, because you understand how your hands and wrists are controlling the movement of the poi.

Hope all this helps!!!


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Posted:Yeeehaaa! After 1 day of practising I finally got it down!!! Can do the butterfly now! It feels so great. My man is getting really anoyed for I'm now playing with my poi even while watching TV Great fun. Now I'm trying the Giant Butterfly, but I can't figure it out just yet...More patience. Thanx you guys, for the advice. Love & Light, Aiz.

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