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Posted:Hi all!
I'm fairly new to Poi, (six months spinning) and not really up to spinning with flame yet. I am having great sucess with glowsticks tho! But, i could really use some tips on taking photo's.. We've used long exposures and a tripod, but they dont seem to show up at all. If anyone could give me some advice I'd appreciate it ` thanks!

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Posted:The only pointers I can give you (Other than trying a search on these boards) is to make sure your in a very dark place, no flash, with quite long exposure but don't over-do this as you might get over-exposed and get too much light pollution...

I've had some success with my Dad's digital camera by just turning off the flash, I left all the other settings alone. Click Here for the results.

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Posted:it also helps to not have the camera pointed at any lights that may be in the background as these will show up as larger bright spots

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Posted:you'll want 400asa film. Set aperture to about f8 and shutter to 'B' (bulb). make sure your glowstix are well bright (preferably freshly cracked and perhaps warmed in hot water too!). Expose for about 1/2 to 4 secs for best results.

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Posted:what if your using a automatic camera? is there anything you can do to make sure you'll get good pics other than no flash and make the area as dark as possible? and on digital cameras, mine wont take pictures of glowsticks. all i get is a black picture.

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Posted:For digital camera's set the resolution and compresion to highes setting (I use 1600x1200 superfine setting on my Canon IXUS) you must be in a very dark room though with no back lighting.

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Posted:Take the lens cap off.

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Posted:My best fire photo was taken last night just at dusk, on a digital camera with no flash working and a 16 second exposure. a small copy is on my gallery (the Firestaff one), the original size of the file is just under a meg, so its at high detail levels and stuff.



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Posted:slower the film the better...
the pics I have posted were on 200 speed film.
I agree with the F8.

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