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hey people..just a couple quick questions...ive been using my fire poi and wondered how to care for the wicks(interleave) after use...i use citronella fuel and cool them off after use with a *tiny* bit of water in a can...should i dry them out after?..or does it even matter?..should i store them away from moisture?...what about using different fuels on the same wicks? it bad?...will it kill my kevlar?...they arent currently showing wear or anything but i wanna make sure!..

From the makers of soylent green.

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Location: canastota, ny usa

hi. im not the biggest expert around, but its been my experience so far that giving them a quick dunk in kero/citronella (thats what i use anyway) after im done so that theyre not smoldering is fine. then i just hang up my staffs in the garage and leave the poi in an empty half-juice jug...

so far so good..

hope this helps

excuse me, santa, have you seen half a bike?

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