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tricksenBRONZE Member
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which is the best to use?what is the difference between them?which is the lightest?any info.cheers


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A very quick summary of the chains that you can use on your Poi's

Is light and does not tangle easily however it can get kinks in it fairly easily which become annoying

Ball Chain
Is good as it dosn't tangle as easily as link chain but is heavy

Link Chain
This is my personal favouite. Yes it will tangle the easist but once you learn how to deal with it it is not a problem really. It is not as heavy as ball chain, but heavier than wire. Link chain is easy to get a hold of and is very durable, nor will it get annoying kinks in it.

You also may want to seacrch the archives as this topic has been discussed at length in the Technical Section of this board.

Cheers Twirl'N'Burn

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FlyntSILVER Member
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Hey! `

My brother made an attempt at using fishing traces on his poi for a week or two. they are very light, and dont really give you enuff weight to your poi..... the downside of that being that they snap back fairly quickly and have alot of bounce! he changed back to chain after he nearly garotted himself.....

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I prefer wire but then Im weird... I know it kinks a bit, but I have had mine for about 18 months andthey are still pretty good... wire is very light, and so the weight (C.O.G.) is concentrated further away from the handles... this means you can spin much slower if you want too, and because they are light they spin really quickly too... ...wraps are cool, because the wire tries to naturally untangle itself, but the wire can leave pretty cool burn marks and soot lines!


PS wire is more of a pain in the arse when it comes to stuffing you poi in a bag for a quick getaway... ...the wire tries to spring back out again!

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xtremravr...was here..member
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ther has been alot of discussion on this topic but ill tell you my personal preferance...BALL CHAIN...the weight is perfect, they are really not that heavy, the whole chain acts as a swivel so they spin really smoothly!! the nickel plated ball chain does not hold soot so you dont have to worry about sooty chains, and...ummmmm...well they look kool too!! but really just try out a few and seewhat you like its all a personal preferance.

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yeah, I gotta say ball chain kicks so much ass, plus its just cooler...and its a cinch to untangle. I like the weight, but since I like heavy poi anyway I'm a little bias.

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What gauge of ball chain are you using, Twirl'N'Burn? I use 10 and I can't find any link chain that would be lighter than that.

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