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Hello everyone. I have been trying for the longest time to do the onehanded betterfly but when I slip tyhe left hand on the the right hand, my poi tangle and start going in the same direction. What can I do to prevent that?

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hiya bugaboo!
it's easier to do the 1 handed butterfly:
i. transitioning from another butterfly (duh )
ii. having longer fingerloops so that they're easier to remove.
iii. being comfortable with the way you grasp both loops in the one hand. I hold it without fingering the loops, the same way you hold a ticket if you were to hand it to someone.
iv. a new hope
v. revenge of the jedi
vi the empire strikes back

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Try going into the move from a big butterfly, right hand counter-clockwise. Lead slightly with your right hand and hold your right hand directly above the left.
Stick your right pinky finger out and snag the other grip on the upswing.
Keep the one-handed going by rocking your hand like shaking someone's hand.
Most easily done with rings.
I like to do a little schtick while wiggling it--like a big flourish with the free hand, tipping my hat, taking off a mask, scratching my ribs, joking with the band, etc.
Good luck.


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If you're doing it with glowsticks, have one stick attached to each end. In other words, have on glowstick as a handle. A whole lot easier to have a handle (rings and loops also work well. But just a shoestring is a hastle to put back on)


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how about using your left hand instead. even though i'm right handed i find it much easier with the left

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Ive been trying to get the damn thing down for about 4 years and have managed to get it for about 5 beats at a time MAXIMUM, never enough to do on stage anyway. The frustration factor was pretty huge for a while and then i saw these Moari girls doing it in NZ and oh mi god, they were so good, they not only sustained it for ages but then did it over the head, to the side, all over the place with no effort at all. So they tuaght me abit more, but I still mess it up all the time. Must be kinda like that 36o deg leap shaolin monk poi move- takes a lifetime!!

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