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I am using Poi Chains and would like to know how i can make my tails longer. On the website photos, the fire tails of the performers are really long.

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What do you mean by 'tails' on poi? Are you using fire chains or fabric poi?


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Posted:what you are seeing on the photos are the camera effects, basically they slowed the shutter speed down of the camera to allow 1/2 to1 1/2 beats or more in to each picture. some were done on high quality digitall cameras (which i still have no idea how to get good pics from) or normal film cameras that have adjustable shutter speeds. hope that helped!!

also you might want to try to do a search im sure there has to be several topics on this already..good luck!!

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Posted:...but surely it must be the fuel ur using!!! maybe i can slow down the fire if i was in zero gravity? the ISS has more oxygen than they need! I can spell antipodean! sparkly poi cages dun hold fuel too well.

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Posted:Or do you mean rope fire poi?

Where the rope wick is along the chain aswell as just the ends?

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Posted:No, think they mean normal fire poi.


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