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Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"Just a random thought, the kind you have on a Sunday lunchtime after your 3rd cup of coffee and before a the pre-lunch spin.Kevlar is almost always (and probably should always) followed..."
Posted: by greddyfirebrat
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"i need to find out the url; for my twirlin photo but i dont know how "
Posted: by WOFT
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"Ok. I may be slightly computer illiterate, but the search function on the forums doesn't like me! Things pop up, but not the stuff I am looking for! Or at least a lot of stuff pops up ..."
Posted: by SmallBoy - x
Last Reply: by mech
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"Ok so you know this is important coz it's the 1st topic I've started in 2 years or something equally ridiculous.I do still love everybody out there, I've just been busy huigging all the..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"Hello!Has anyone from the UK bought a large amount of wick from the hop shop? I was wondering, cuz it will be heavy and about 100, if you have to pay tax or duty on goods bought.I dont..."
Posted: by miss_rummage
Last Reply: by miss_rummage
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"Hey everyoneIts been a while since Ive been on the board but am glad to be back. yeehoo!Anyhoo, I am off to Glastonbury for the first time this year! yay! Ever since I came over to good..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"you know the little letter that appears up on top left to show you have new PMs?sometimes(i.e. lots of the time) it doesn't appear, and then i go to my home and i've got three or four,..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"I've been looking for some time for metal contact balls, like the one's that Durbs had at falmouth. I've seen them on Ebay, But I keep getting outbid, and don't fancy paying in excess o..."
Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"i'd like to print a hop thr3ead out so i can read it away from my screen but i'm finding it hard to get a version of it that doesn't waste 50 pages with signatures and lines i don't wan..."
Posted: by greddyfirebrat
Last Reply: by greddyfirebrat
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"i,m looking for a cable about 1-2 mms thick about 1 mitre long but the whol cable should light up full lenth if u could help it would be aperchiated "
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by melon
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"i can weave i cant get it round my head how to 3 beat weave, any ideas?"
Posted: by gemit
Last Reply: by Lurch
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"Yay! Just got Photoshop and am all excitamatated!! Anyone got any tips to get me started making cool images that will make me look like a clever clogs?!? "
Posted: by Ana Dread
Last Reply: by Spacecow00x
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"Heya, all!I need help. Does anyone know where I can buy fire poi (or glow poi) in Budapest (Hungary)? And if there's no shop of this kind, where can I get cevlar to make my own one? Ple..."
Posted: by Gelfling
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"Ahh - the panic - for some reason the site crased on me and I was not able to get back on due to timing out. this happened to me at 17:15GMT did anyone else have this happen to them?"
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by flid
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"I hope this is a worthy cause for a new thread, i am doing an animation based on digital photographs of work laved flat on the floor or a table. It must be flat like this otherwise it w..."
Posted: by loki.c1687
Last Reply: by FlamingOberon
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"ello all,im trying to come up with a name for a spinning group b4 we start doin club e.c.t around the manchester area theirs 3 of us and we want a light hearted name!!!mike.c"
Posted: by boardies
Last Reply: by Dom
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"Apologies for my denseness, Im just tryna work out the forum thingy. Only just registered yesterday.. I login to begin with, then click community, then forum, then Introductions the..."
Posted: by KatP
Last Reply: by Dom
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"Okay, have very funny gif, no idea how to post it. It seems to want a web address and being rubbish I have no webspace. Unless someone didn't tell me!"
Posted: by Juggling_Arcs
Last Reply: by Psycho_lemming
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"Well a while ago I broke my ankle about five months ago.Good now that we have etablished that fact I was wondering about swelling. As I said I broke it about 5 months ago and it is st..."
Posted: by iammrpoopypants
Last Reply: by ShawnF
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"This could very well be the friendliest forum on the net. I've been to quite a few, on various topics, but never have I read such friendly responses to new posters. I could really ge..."
Posted: by Dragon7
Last Reply: by Ry
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"Spymac has sent me an e-mail asking me to confirm that i still want my server space. For all you people using multiple sypmac servers... you better check ALL your e-mail address's an..."
Posted: by loki.c1687
Last Reply: by flid
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"ello ive looked on thier website but it ssays nothing about weekend so does anyone know if pacel force deliver on a saturday?mike.c"
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"It seems I more popular than usual at the moment.No less than 4 people have added me to their contact list in the past day.Now I know its nice to be wanted, but this is rediculous.Who ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Just recieved a 3-piece long staff from dube but as i tried to unscrew the staff to put it away it got stuck! I need some sort of grease dont i? what would be better than soap?Thanks ed..."
Posted: by mech
Last Reply: by Shu
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"any ideas what i can use as a new avatar (avs)?"
Posted: by pani1013
Last Reply: by Mary Ann Appelian
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"All roads in my search have led me back to this site...hopefully you guys can help....looking for poi classes in the south Florida area but having no luck....can anyone help?"
Posted: by pricklyleaf
Last Reply: by Sym
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"HiI was wondering how and where you get webspace from for a website. I'm on Aol and you only get one page which isn't really enough. Preferbly looking for free stuff. Also any tips for ..."
Posted: by RavensHeart
Last Reply: by RavensHeart
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"Over the weekend a photographer and I met up and took some photos of me spinning fire - see my gallery for some and let me know what you think. I just realised that I look kinda small i..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by Sym
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"I'm forwarding this for Spritie:"Currently, I can apparently log in to HOP just fine. After hitting enter onthe login screen, I get taken to My Home where I can see how many PM's i'vese..."
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by jemima (jem)
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"Could anyone tell me how to reset red and blue programmable aerotech juggling balls?Did a search for helpful threads but no luck I think my balls have confused themselvesthankx"
Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by PyroWill
Views: 1882    Replies: 10
"One of my major assessments in Media this year is to make a short film.We have to hand our statments of intention within the next few weeks and I have absolutely no idea what to do.I wa..."
Posted: by RaRanax
Last Reply: by RaRanax
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"I was just wondering if there is anything that would have a lower burn temperature than white gas that you could soak a wooden ball in, light on fire and roll around your body.I have do..."
Posted: by Lycanthrope
Last Reply: by vanize
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"im thinking ill be upgrading my poi shortly and was wandering if any one could give me the pros and cons of oval link and ball chain and also tube vs cathedral wicks.and i have allready..."
Posted: by shen shui
Last Reply: by munkypunks
Views: 1421    Replies: 6
"hi. i dont know what to i know that i dont have enough credit on HoP to post a video.. but.. i wonder.. is that the same thing as the whole "right click save as" scenario..."
Posted: by .:star:.
Last Reply: by flamazine
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"I have problems with my arms and legs and the doctors can't work out what is wrong with me...basically its getting to the point where i can only stand for a minute or two and i can't wa..."
Posted: by stickman
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"hey just a quick do i post pictures in my posts?do i just copy the url wit &lbr;img&rbr;...&lbr;/img&rbr; ???"
Posted: by frenchie
Last Reply: by roarfire
Views: 750    Replies: 3
"Hya , anyone with experience with 'fire spinning performance' who can give me an idea of the duration of a 'performance' .I realise it depends on how long the it takes for the flame to ..."
Posted: by Lycanthrope
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1128    Replies: 5
"in fireshamans video he wraps the chain around his arms then the poi sit in his hands for a few seconds.i managed to get this down with sock poi but when i switched to fire i got a nice..."
Posted: by Cody
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1790    Replies: 9
"Howdy, I got a nice 19" LCD monitor for my birthday. It comes with DVI and VGA connectors. The instructions are very vague and show connecting both at the same time. My video card ha..."
Posted: by nobodyshero00
Last Reply: by _Clare_
Views: 2495    Replies: 18
"Was wondering what everyone, mainly those who have been doing poi longer, use as handles. I perfer to use a knoose, its more comfortable in my opinion, but im looking to find out what ..."
Posted: by locaniek
Last Reply: by munkypunks
Views: 7958    Replies: 19
"Hello all!Next week I am invited to make pois with children. I chose to make themwith balloons and rice, to do it? Any one has an idea???Thanks!!! "
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by Analemma
Views: 1647    Replies: 16
"I am having trouble finding information on Tabaco and Nicotine. It seems to be easier to find good info for harder drugs ?!?So can anyone recommend websites that have good information o..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 3644    Replies: 44
"Hey,ummm... im having trouble installing a bluetooth dongler on to my laptop... I trid it on my dads desktop, and it works fine, but when i try it on my obselete hunk-a-junk, it doesnt ..."
Posted: by corrie
Last Reply: by bec
Views: 1863    Replies: 9
"what policies should i look at???"
Posted: by Dragon7
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
Views: 1819    Replies: 7
"I dont know what the problem with the search is right now, and i do know that there are avatar threads but i can find anything! The search is coming up blank and i spent hrs last nigh..."
Posted: by gemit
Last Reply: by Bird
Views: 1050    Replies: 6
"Grrrrr, just went into edit my stupid preferences and the way I view threads has changed and I can't work out why! Instead of seeing the whole thread I only see the poster's first post..."
Posted: by NOn
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
Views: 1704    Replies: 13
"ok... what does anyone do with dead poi??i have a pair of monkey fists which passed away about three months ago now because... well, largely because they were shitely made.... but how d..."
Posted: by pyromania
Last Reply: by pyromania
Views: 925    Replies: 8
"looking for general history of fire twirling"
Posted: by Seraphire
Last Reply: by Seraphire
Views: 1602    Replies: 19
"Ahh help my lap-top's screwed!If anyone has any idea I'll post exactly what its doing.I switch it on and it comes up with this;"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not s..."
Posted: by aranalhighwind
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 1178    Replies: 1
"I'm a little new to the fire arts world and I was hoping for some advice.I can already do basic moves with poi ans staffs.I want to go to a school that will teach me more advanced trick..."
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