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Forums > Help! > Fire performance;length of time;split into sets;any thoughts ?

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Posted:Hya , anyone with experience with 'fire spinning performance' who can give me an idea of the duration of a 'performance' .

I realise it depends on how long the it takes for the flame to burn out .... any thoughts .... ' performance' split into sets ?

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Posted:Depends on you type of show.............

Is it free spinning, coreagraphed performance that sort of thing..........

Id say if its a well planned out routine 20mins to half hour is a good time broken down into 3 or 4 sets..........

As for free spinning - man that could go on all night smile i know i do!

But generally as a show for the public their interest will only be held for no more than 15mins i would have thought rolleyes

You got a show coming up then?

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Posted:We've got a show coming up soon enough where we are spinning for an hour. It will be broken up into four fifteen minute sets with a 10 or fifteen minute break in between so we dont fall over from exhaustion or bore our audience to tears.

as for free spinning. why would you even want a break?


This is a good thread with some usefull info

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Posted:I find one song is enough. It gets a bit repetitive and boring for the audience if it goes for too long. Last performance I did we went for 5 minutes to a song, there was three of us. How many of you is there?

It didn't bother us to re dip if it burnt out. We always had at least two people twirling while the other was re dipping

We all just went in and spun like crazy all together smile

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