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Posted:Spymac has sent me an e-mail asking me to confirm that i still want my server space. eek For all you people using multiple sypmac servers... you better check ALL your e-mail address's and confirm that you still want your videos up! Otherwise they will wipe it all and you'll lose server space... i already lost 100meg frown

In fact they have changed the whole system. Now you cant even use smartftp to upload. You have to goto spymac and upload via the browser. Hard and crazy but still free. If you want to keep your server you will have to re-confirm every month! Id sugest making backup copies NOW! And start looking for an alternate host. Google maybe?

Off topic maybe we could throw some random ideas in this thread about different free server space... ideas? ubbidea

Ok good luck and have a nice day wink

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Posted:Had access to Spydisk temporarily down. Was a bit annoyed. Don't think I've received the email yet. I'll have to keep checking. That browser upload thing didn't work uploading a 19.4mb file for me- caused me much distressed. Eventually I found that I could connect with Bitkinex (I assume it uses WebDAV, however that works.. cos it looks like ftp to me..). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any other decent free hosting..


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