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Ok. I may be slightly computer illiterate, but the search function on the forums doesn't like me! Things pop up, but not the stuff I am looking for! Or at least a lot of stuff pops up that seems completely unrelated to what I typed in. I did look at and use the "advanced search" tips, but it is still a long process finding out what I am looking for.

Is this problem for other people or am I just being lazy?

BTW, I DID do a search before posting wink

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Sir_Sheepold hand
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give us an example of what you're trying to search for

It sometimes requires some lateral thinking, like trying different combinations of words that people might use to describe something. If its the sort of thing that might be in the title, then specify just the title

It also massively helps to add a + to any word you require, such as:

+jelly +wrestling

otherwise you'll get posts which have either of the words in, which is generally not very useful

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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You'd be amazed at just how many results you get by searching for jelly +wrestling.

I kinda wish it organized the results by accuracy instead of by date, but shrug


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Also, keep in mind there are 2 search functions on teh site.. The one powered by Google, located on top RHS of your screen is far less friendly and accurate than the one that is linked on the level 2 task bar - next to links for "IRC chat" and "Who's Online".

Did that make sense?

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DurbsBRONZE Member
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Another random thing to add is this a muli-national site, and sadly this includes Americans with their crazy spelling wink

So for "Coloured Flames" you might have to search for "colored flames" (Er, that's the only example actually...)

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Likes trees...
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LOL, I forgot about American English! I did a few more "trial" searches and it seems that the terminology varies as well. I didn't know that "Wirewool", "wire wool", "steelwool" and "steel wool" are all the same thing used by different people.

thanks for the advice!

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pricklyleafSILVER Member
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Try limiting your search to the first posts only, then it tends to turn up only stuff that a thread has started on and cuts out a lot of the rubbish, rather searching the whole thread when the word may have been randomly mentioned.

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