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Posted: by cremesodanomnom
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
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"which is a better staff? i know that each staff, its weight, and its lenghth is all a personal thing for a person but im curious which of these staffs is better(durability..number of l..."
Posted: by Ninla
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hello, I'm new here, so sorry if I did something wrong . I have phosphorescent string poi and I would like something more entertaining and better quality. I was thinking about Multi-Col..."
Posted: by Melemel
Last Reply: by jlevine15
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"Im off to costa rica in a weeks times (whoo-hoo!!!), and im taking my fire poi with me. Does anyone know about what kind of fuel is available over there? Can you get kerosine/paraffin? ..."
Posted: by deadkenndys1105
Last Reply: by willow2x
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"I know there are a million and one different ways to hang out to you poi but the standard to my knowledge are double finger loops. I personally can't stand them but that just me. I ha..."
Posted: by FreakyHair
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Hiya, I signed up to these forums mainly to ask this question, but looking around I think I'll be on here quite a lot!Anyway.. I'm looking to get some flowtoys poi but really don't know..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by Beachside Light
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"Hi guys I am working on a movie this weekend. We will be operating for the most part in darkness. I need lighting options, both for light and for effect. Do people have torch or pot des..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"HOP used to sell Flomass, but I cant find them anymore. I can only find the 'weight sleeves' I lost my flowpoi (water, water II, colecord, no10 swivels, weight sleeves, crystal cases) ..."
Posted: by FlameChild
Last Reply: by Scathe Flesh
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"Been serching my butt up & down this forum and even tried google for christ sake. So can someone please tell me of any experiences to which fuel is best suited for body-burning/tracing?..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by qwertycoder
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"ahhh, glowstick nunchucks...more flexibility that poi? you can do hand spins and change grips - no fire, sure, but for you glowstickers out there it's an idea, no?and might give you som..."
Posted: by Adrian_Chung
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hi all!I've been wondering (before i make this purchase) whether or not the Pro Series Multi-Function LED works as well inside of the Cone poi as it does on a chain, and i mean that as ..."
Posted: by chidori
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"So I just started fire poi a little while ago and I was wondering what others liked to use.Right now I'm using monkey fist heads(kevlar core), ball chain, and Kerosene."
Posted: by Smurf24029
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"Ok so I have never owned fire poi but got a few friends with some. I want to go the route of buying the parts and making it because it is a little bit cheaper and im on a budget. What I..."
Posted: by wenchamuffin
Last Reply: by CJdark
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"I decided to learn poi after doing double staff now for a year, and I'm finding it very, very difficult. My planes won't stay straight and I just can't stop whacking myself (good thing..."
Posted: by Dentrassi
Last Reply: by aston
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"im currently planning to make a 1.5m polycarbonate tube & LED staff staff. i alway tend to the dark side of contact moves but generally my regular firestaffs have about 40cm of rubb..."
Posted: by Ande
Last Reply: by KittehRaver
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"This is My concept for balanced 'handles' &lbr;pedellum&rbr; poi(based on flowtoys handles and Henrys glowstick poi).>>> Ande's Poi Concept <<<When using Orange 'Ult..."
Posted: by LiveWire
Last Reply: by Poje
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"Hey guys,I've started getting into fire rope dart and alot of the movements i use involve kicks and stalling the dart with my foot, problem is im kinda nervous to do many of these with ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by T-S-A
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"Not sure if this is allowed but I thought it a good idea for spinners who are wanting to buy, HOP for when they sell them and Flowtoys in future sales/products.I got the Duos, 2 air 2 w..."
Posted: by swirlygrrl
Last Reply: by sean_flowtoys
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"I bought the flowpoi trio and I love them! They are awkward as hell, but so beautiful! When I'm spinning for myself, I like sliding the singles in the rubbery crystal cases for ease o..."
Posted: by FatGuru
Last Reply: by FatGuru
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" I just recently came up with an idea for a piece of safety equipment for Fire Breathing. I know Fire Breathing is incredibly dangerous READ THIS! , and all of this information is com..."
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Tide
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"1. After I mix the alcohol fuel and the Tribal Neon fire-dye salts, how long can it be stored?What I mean is over a roughly 6 to 12 month period is whether I'd have to worry about any f..."
Posted: by kikiasaumi
Last Reply: by Lye
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"I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but I ordered a pair of ultra poi from HOP here and I seen quite a variance in shipping time, so I was just wondering, people from the us cou..."
Posted: by anelaen
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"hey spinners, recently got some oggz and was wondering what type of leashes people typically like for those. I usually use flat long shoe laces, but been looking for something wide but ..."
Posted: by STOPpanda
Last Reply: by Ninla
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"So the other day I taped a million fingerlights to my poi strings, and it looked fantastic. It got me thinking about fire snakes, but fire is scary and leds are a sexy alternative.So wh..."
Posted: by ladyleo
Last Reply: by ladyleo
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"Is it possible to change the little bulb insert in LED poi? I want different colors but am curious if there's a way to do it without purchasing new balls."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hallo there.Once again, my search didn't turn up anything, but if there actually is already a thread on this, let me know.Derek is inciting a collaborative video effort, so I decided to..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"You know the cable with just tape at the ends. Seems like they're less like how you want poi to behave than anything else."
Posted: by overacid
Last Reply: by stillhuman
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"Hello there,I am a proud owner of the new pro series chains with single loops - I u..."
Posted: by TheCrackary
Last Reply: by TheCrackary
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"Ok before i get the flaming usualy associated towards new a new member of a forum for asking a simple question, I know what search is and used it without finding the answer i was lookin..."
Posted: by darkpyro
Last Reply: by Indie73
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"I want to buy a LED staff for my bro for Xmas. Actually he is a staff expert already and has expressed intrest in a LED one which I would be happy to provide BUT before I go and spend 3..."
Posted: by CalvinKlown
Last Reply: by ThelemicPotter
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"So I've got a parade gig tomorow, been a while since I last did one.And it got me thinking:How do you refuel staffs/ poi on the move?I have always had a chaperone to carry a plastic bot..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"are ball chain ok to use for air wraps, hyperloops and orbitals?"
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"Alright, I know there's an old topic about this but I'd like to ask a few questions with more (hopefully) recent experiences.___Is it, as rumoured, more toxic to a point of concern?Is i..."
Posted: by graphicvi0lence
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"I recently bought a set of Zuni poi from infinity toys. It's not a bad set, but I don't like the streamers...yet. So of course, I've decided to do what everyone suggests, and make a p..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Akelu
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"Definitely progressing on the electronics build. Casings need some new cutters for out machine before we can knock out a batch. Socks are in production. There's a load of loose ends whi..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by Stout
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"so, Ive been doing searches on best fuel to use on poi, and all im getting are 20 topics on how I should just use search for the answer. I know that regular posters are probably sick of..."
Posted: by alexander_sulz
Last Reply: by Lye
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"Hi all,Everyone who bought some leather finger loop handles or a set where they are included, also noticed that they come with a trinagle quick link sewed in.Ive read those traingle qui..."
Posted: by borganique
Last Reply: by borganique
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"this term is used a lot in circus arts, what does it mean to you?i'm interested to know... i believe in a literal translation, where repetition creates a fixed muscle shape, which is po..."
Posted: by Torqueo
Last Reply: by OuchStaff
Views: 587    Replies: 2
"Hi guys.I'm fairly new to this site, so if this question sounds silly, many apologies.I do fire staff, and I've been having a problem with burn time. I'll be doing a performance, and my..."
Posted: by hamamelis
Last Reply: by Lye
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" I've been thinking about buying one of these, in the hope that a good enough looking prop will disguise my lack of skill ;)- thing is, they're all rather expensive and only available ..."
Posted: by Lunaki
Last Reply: by Lunaki
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"I was looking at the options of adding weight to my crystal flowlights and I found that I have two options.There is the weight sleeves from HOP Link to them Here and there are also th..."
Posted: by Akelu
Last Reply: by aston
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"Hiyai was just wondering, what handle material do you use?I have tried a few from HOP including the new profesional series and i just dont like them.I like to grip my handles between my..."
Posted: by JaredW
Last Reply: by DrexFactor
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"Had a problem with my poi today, didn't see anything here on it, but I figured out how to fix it so thought I'd share. Have the rainbow LED poi I got here on HoP. Today one of them seem..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"How many people here actually own and carry a fire extinguisher when spinning. I never got one but I am thinking about getting one cause you can get them from woolworths for ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"What are the best fabric tail poi? My tail poi have always been rubbish (cobra and poi poi i think they were)"
Posted: by LkL
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 3861    Replies: 30
"Hey guys sorry if this post has already been brought up, i did search for it, but at the same time im currently filling out apps online so i'm starting to get kinda lazy bout reading. 4..."
Posted: by Zephyre Phoenix
Last Reply: by JayKitty
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"Aight, I've spun practice poi and glowsticks for a while now. But I'm just starting on Fire poi. I'm looking around for different wick types and have seen different prices on different ..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by rickygordon
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"Yo, A year or two ago i was in a welding bay, and picked up a peice of metal that was about 500Couch ville.Pretty bad burn, worse than i've had from fire poi.Now in the bay, they had t..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Last Reply: by JayKitty
Views: 1500    Replies: 4
"Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Fire, Spirit or Love Flowlights? Only Air and Water II are available on HOP and the Flowlight site, and I really want to start doubling up.A..."
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by JayKitty
Views: 4480    Replies: 11
"Alrighty, this has probably been asked a billion times but I couldn't find my answer. I'm looking for a fuel that I can use indoor that I don't necessarily have to order over the intern..."
Posted: by JaredW
Views: 558    Replies: 0
"Woot, just got my new rainbow poi in from Things That Glow. So much better than a tennis ball and shoestring lol."
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