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Posted: by chidori
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"So I just started fire poi a little while ago and I was wondering what others liked to use.Right now I'm using monkey fist heads(kevlar core), ball chain, and Kerosene."
Posted: by Smurf24029
Views: 457    Replies: 0
"Ok so I have never owned fire poi but got a few friends with some. I want to go the route of buying the parts and making it because it is a little bit cheaper and im on a budget. What I..."
Posted: by wenchamuffin
Last Reply: by CJdark
Views: 9126    Replies: 25
"I decided to learn poi after doing double staff now for a year, and I'm finding it very, very difficult. My planes won't stay straight and I just can't stop whacking myself (good thing..."
Posted: by Dentrassi
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 7380    Replies: 27
"im currently planning to make a 1.5m polycarbonate tube & LED staff staff. i alway tend to the dark side of contact moves but generally my regular firestaffs have about 40cm of rubb..."
Posted: by Ande
Last Reply: by KittehRaver
Views: 2557    Replies: 14
"This is My concept for balanced 'handles' &lbr;pedellum&rbr; poi(based on flowtoys handles and Henrys glowstick poi).>>> Ande's Poi Concept <<<When using Orange 'Ult..."
Posted: by LiveWire
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 749    Replies: 2
"Hey guys,I've started getting into fire rope dart and alot of the movements i use involve kicks and stalling the dart with my foot, problem is im kinda nervous to do many of these with ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by T-S-A
Views: 10741    Replies: 32
"Not sure if this is allowed but I thought it a good idea for spinners who are wanting to buy, HOP for when they sell them and Flowtoys in future sales/products.I got the Duos, 2 air 2 w..."
Posted: by swirlygrrl
Last Reply: by sean_flowtoys
Views: 1108    Replies: 3
"I bought the flowpoi trio and I love them! They are awkward as hell, but so beautiful! When I'm spinning for myself, I like sliding the singles in the rubbery crystal cases for ease o..."
Posted: by FatGuru
Last Reply: by FatGuru
Views: 2039    Replies: 11
" I just recently came up with an idea for a piece of safety equipment for Fire Breathing. I know Fire Breathing is incredibly dangerous READ THIS! , and all of this information is com..."
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Tide
Views: 1976    Replies: 18
"1. After I mix the alcohol fuel and the Tribal Neon fire-dye salts, how long can it be stored?What I mean is over a roughly 6 to 12 month period is whether I'd have to worry about any f..."
Posted: by kikiasaumi
Last Reply: by Lye
Views: 2475    Replies: 4
"I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but I ordered a pair of ultra poi from HOP here and I seen quite a variance in shipping time, so I was just wondering, people from the us cou..."
Posted: by anelaen
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
Views: 1159    Replies: 10
"hey spinners, recently got some oggz and was wondering what type of leashes people typically like for those. I usually use flat long shoe laces, but been looking for something wide but ..."
Posted: by STOPpanda
Last Reply: by Ninla
Views: 6310    Replies: 5
"So the other day I taped a million fingerlights to my poi strings, and it looked fantastic. It got me thinking about fire snakes, but fire is scary and leds are a sexy alternative.So wh..."
Posted: by ladyleo
Last Reply: by ladyleo
Views: 713    Replies: 3
"Is it possible to change the little bulb insert in LED poi? I want different colors but am curious if there's a way to do it without purchasing new balls."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by Jameth
Views: 2021    Replies: 8
"Hallo there.Once again, my search didn't turn up anything, but if there actually is already a thread on this, let me know.Derek is inciting a collaborative video effort, so I decided to..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
Views: 3136    Replies: 23
"You know the cable with just tape at the ends. Seems like they're less like how you want poi to behave than anything else."
Posted: by overacid
Last Reply: by stillhuman
Views: 4082    Replies: 15
"Hello there,I am a proud owner of the new pro series chains with single loops - http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-Pro-series-chain-cords-with-single-loop-handles I u..."
Posted: by TheCrackary
Last Reply: by TheCrackary
Views: 657    Replies: 3
"Ok before i get the flaming usualy associated towards new a new member of a forum for asking a simple question, I know what search is and used it without finding the answer i was lookin..."
Posted: by darkpyro
Last Reply: by Indie73
Views: 822    Replies: 4
"I want to buy a LED staff for my bro for Xmas. Actually he is a staff expert already and has expressed intrest in a LED one which I would be happy to provide BUT before I go and spend 3..."
Posted: by CalvinKlown
Last Reply: by ThelemicPotter
Views: 909    Replies: 5
"So I've got a parade gig tomorow, been a while since I last did one.And it got me thinking:How do you refuel staffs/ poi on the move?I have always had a chaperone to carry a plastic bot..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 2066    Replies: 5
"are ball chain ok to use for air wraps, hyperloops and orbitals?"
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 1225    Replies: 5
"Alright, I know there's an old topic about this but I'd like to ask a few questions with more (hopefully) recent experiences.___Is it, as rumoured, more toxic to a point of concern?Is i..."
Posted: by graphicvi0lence
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
Views: 4648    Replies: 13
"I recently bought a set of Zuni poi from infinity toys. It's not a bad set, but I don't like the streamers...yet. So of course, I've decided to do what everyone suggests, and make a p..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Akelu
Views: 1172    Replies: 5
"Definitely progressing on the electronics build. Casings need some new cutters for out machine before we can knock out a batch. Socks are in production. There's a load of loose ends whi..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by Stout
Views: 687    Replies: 4
"so, Ive been doing searches on best fuel to use on poi, and all im getting are 20 topics on how I should just use search for the answer. I know that regular posters are probably sick of..."
Posted: by alexander_sulz
Last Reply: by Lye
Views: 1077    Replies: 5
"Hi all,Everyone who bought some leather finger loop handles or a set where they are included, also noticed that they come with a trinagle quick link sewed in.Ive read those traingle qui..."
Posted: by borganique
Last Reply: by borganique
Views: 1190    Replies: 9
"this term is used a lot in circus arts, what does it mean to you?i'm interested to know... i believe in a literal translation, where repetition creates a fixed muscle shape, which is po..."
Posted: by Torqueo
Last Reply: by OuchStaff
Views: 564    Replies: 2
"Hi guys.I'm fairly new to this site, so if this question sounds silly, many apologies.I do fire staff, and I've been having a problem with burn time. I'll be doing a performance, and my..."
Posted: by hamamelis
Last Reply: by Lye
Views: 1756    Replies: 8
" I've been thinking about buying one of these, in the hope that a good enough looking prop will disguise my lack of skill ;)- thing is, they're all rather expensive and only available ..."
Posted: by Lunaki
Last Reply: by Lunaki
Views: 2355    Replies: 7
"I was looking at the options of adding weight to my crystal flowlights and I found that I have two options.There is the weight sleeves from HOP Link to them Here and there are also th..."
Posted: by Akelu
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 2063    Replies: 1
"Hiyai was just wondering, what handle material do you use?I have tried a few from HOP including the new profesional series and i just dont like them.I like to grip my handles between my..."
Posted: by JaredW
Last Reply: by DrexFactor
Views: 3753    Replies: 6
"Had a problem with my poi today, didn't see anything here on it, but I figured out how to fix it so thought I'd share. Have the rainbow LED poi I got here on HoP. Today one of them seem..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 4136    Replies: 15
"How many people here actually own and carry a fire extinguisher when spinning. I never got one but I am thinking about getting one cause you can get them from woolworths for ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
Views: 1485    Replies: 2
"What are the best fabric tail poi? My tail poi have always been rubbish (cobra and poi poi i think they were)"
Posted: by LkL
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 3788    Replies: 30
"Hey guys sorry if this post has already been brought up, i did search for it, but at the same time im currently filling out apps online so i'm starting to get kinda lazy bout reading. 4..."
Posted: by Zephyre Phoenix
Last Reply: by JayKitty
Views: 993    Replies: 6
"Aight, I've spun practice poi and glowsticks for a while now. But I'm just starting on Fire poi. I'm looking around for different wick types and have seen different prices on different ..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by rickygordon
Views: 9328    Replies: 5
"Yo, A year or two ago i was in a welding bay, and picked up a peice of metal that was about 500Couch ville.Pretty bad burn, worse than i've had from fire poi.Now in the bay, they had t..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Last Reply: by JayKitty
Views: 1454    Replies: 4
"Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Fire, Spirit or Love Flowlights? Only Air and Water II are available on HOP and the Flowlight site, and I really want to start doubling up.A..."
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by JayKitty
Views: 3637    Replies: 11
"Alrighty, this has probably been asked a billion times but I couldn't find my answer. I'm looking for a fuel that I can use indoor that I don't necessarily have to order over the intern..."
Posted: by JaredW
Views: 532    Replies: 0
"Woot, just got my new rainbow poi in from Things That Glow. So much better than a tennis ball and shoestring lol."
Posted: by protozoa
Last Reply: by T-S-A
Views: 2735    Replies: 6
"Poi teachers/learners,This might be useful to some people since the Weave is probably one of the trickiest moves to describe to someone. I've put together a lesson on our site for an i..."
Posted: by leeptalu
Last Reply: by vicki_sn
Views: 8712    Replies: 34
"Hi all,Hoping that this hasnt been covered in other threads (did a search!) .Just bought myself a pair of Globalz poi- and they are pretty diappointing to say the least!! The finger loo..."
Posted: by {trm}
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 9736    Replies: 34
"ok my friend just got me into poi and i allready love it but my only question is what is the best to learn with?"
Posted: by Ms Vanity
Last Reply: by Ms Vanity
Views: 801    Replies: 5
"check this videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcDwZPV0_cg1.22She's holding the wand with her teeth!!!any ideas about how she's doing it?"
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by foggy sox
Views: 5817    Replies: 28
"Is it possible to do fire poi orbitals without damaging the chains or is it inevitable? How can I minimize all forms of damage to my chains from orbitals?"
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by OuchStaff
Views: 7630    Replies: 22
"Erm, I wanna use a golf glove for playing with Gilligans. They're spose to be made of leather and are thin and confortable. In theory I think it could work but I have this horrible fear..."
Posted: by willow2x
Views: 511    Replies: 0
"so id like to add my 2 pence to the 'How to make' worldthese poi are actually my fave's for training with...even more so than my crystal flowtoys.=Oif you have any questions on the cons..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 7073    Replies: 13
"Hi, I saw this video by Gora Krisztian, and I've seen this thing at a fire meet a while back, and I'm wondering how to make one of these:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpq0q4n7OiEDrilli..."
Posted: by OuchStaff
Last Reply: by OuchStaff
Views: 1182    Replies: 12
"Hey I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with the Fyrefli Panther aka the fibre glass staff. because I was going to buy the concentrate 3 part firestaff from hop but I'm a bit ..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by Cyricx
Views: 1302    Replies: 8
"I have an option of going with flat oval link chain that is .21" wide or .27" wide. Safety aside, is there any disadvantage to doing tangles etc with thinner chain? or would ...."
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