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I bought the flowpoi trio and I love them! They are awkward as hell, but so beautiful! When I'm spinning for myself, I like sliding the singles in the rubbery crystal cases for ease o...

I don't have time to check all of these out at the moment, but I'm really excited to look at when I get home. I did see the Pistache and the Nick vid. Both are amazing. I'd never hea...

I'm trying to open myself up to more creative movement, rather than going from trick to trick. Who inspires you in this area? If you can link to a video, that would be great!


Striped Sock Poi  
     23rd April, 2009
my new favorite poi
"I have tried many different types of poi and these are hands down my favorite to play with. I have others (like my bad ass new triple flowpoi) that I like to use when I'm entertaining others but when I'm spinning for my own enjoyment these are the ones I grab. With just the right amount of stretch they have made isolations stalls and even tangles and wraps much easier to grasp. I definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys spinning especially people who are new to poi. Put tennis balls in them and you have the perfect weight and resistance. My only complaint: they are so cool that every time I pull them out someone takes them away from me! I need to find a secret practice location or buy a half a dozen sets."
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SILVER Member since Dec 2006

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