Posted: Ok before i get the flaming usualy associated towards new a new member of a forum for asking a simple question, I know what search is and used it without finding the answer i was looking for. So tonight I was at a buddies get together and a friend of his had what I now know to be Poi Balls"> Led Poi Balls. I had never heard of anything like this before, but to my knowledge they only had one mode and strobed R/G/B while in motion but while stationary appeared to flicker white. so my question is, why is this and what Poi Balls do this.

Any help you could give a newb trying to enter your amazingly interesting community of motion art would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Posted:"White" isn't a colour of light, it's a combination of red, green and blue.

If you ever get the chance to experiment, get 3 flash lights (LED's will be slightly bluish, bulbs will be slightly yellowy) and red, green and blue cellophane to cover each one, and then cross over the light beams. You'll notice RG gives yellow, GB gives cyan, BR gives magenta and RGB will give white.

This statement is false...?


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Posted:What Tide said wrt the appearance - when the poi's still the 3 colours overlay each other and it appears a sort of flickery white (if the cycle was fast enough the flicker would disappear), when it's moving the red blue and green are seperated by the movement so you see the three colours.

There's a good chance it was the original HOP 3 colour strobing Poi, which have been recently replaced by a new sort that has the choice of single colour (6 of them), fade from one colour to another or a whole series of combinations of strobes:
If you browse around the shop there are a number of options for buying them in pairs with different sorts of handles / cords or socks, if you don't have those already.


Posted:Thanks for the responses, i had a good assumption about the light thing. Kinda like a camera and refresh rate of a crt tv. i was mostly wondering what Poi had the option of this. it just seems to blow peoples minds when your like, hey check this out and you turn them on, people are just kninda like, meh!!! then you get on with the motion and theyre like holy censored dats cool.


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