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GeezaGOLD Member
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Not sure if this is allowed but I thought it a good idea for spinners who are wanting to buy, HOP for when they sell them and Flowtoys in future sales/products.

I got the Duos, 2 air 2 water

Good -

The weight is great, id say a better weight than Oggz/Oggpoi

Very bright

Easy to go through patterns

Great patterns

Handles are excellent (a lot better than nylon and even my worn leather ones)

Instructions are simple

Bad -

Leash is better than nylon but not as good as Colecord

Tapping the battery out as suggested doesnt work (I use a piece of metal to dig it out)

The battery door could be used to get the battery out but i fear one of the little feet will snap off

Interlocking, even the correct way makes a nasty crunching sound sometimes, like the plastic is shattering

Harder than Oggz, so be careful

Overall they are great and im loving them, however I have changed the cords for one metre (each poi) of colecord, added ball bearing swivels and quick links.

Flowtoys should sell Colecord and Ball bearing swivels with their toys, HOP should sell Flowtoys handles with theirs.

The way i have fastened the heads, i can add custom Oggz heads or any other non fire heads - handle, quicklink, swivel, knot where colecord is tied in a loop, knot, colecord, poi head (click link for pic)


sean_flowtoysBRONZE Member
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I know I'm a bit late here, but would like to share some info. on a bunch of points...
going backwards up the thread:
1.flowlights make great handles, nice counter-weight and added light smile
2.add crystal cases and/or mass for more weight, new mass is 30g, double-mass on crystal-poi makes them 125g with battery (each)
3.some flowlights buttons stop working well over time, we consider this a defect and will replace them for free! I've noticed that if you change the direction you push the button, it can help. in general please contact us if you have any trouble with your flowtoys!
did you know our warranty offers 50% credit for anything returned in any condition ever? grin
4.our nylon handles are made from the smoothest best webbing we know of, single-loops will lock on if used that way, double-loops are convenient, but not the best grip overall.
5.our new caps click on securely to holes in the tube, so them coming off during use is no longer an issue.
6. thanks, for all your support, it enables us to keep developing the best gear we can! check out our facebook fanpage, get flowlights here if you want, our warranty still applies! spin, play and prosper grin

find your flow...

Magic Monkey Juice
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I love Flowlights. Although after 6 months of use, one of them is starting to get a bit battered, but as far as I'm aware, they can be repaired easily.

Love all the different modes. Got 1 Air, 1 Water II and 2 Fire lights.

Love taking my bright ones to squats and clubs, and the fire are great for slower spinning to ambiant stuff (IMO)

9/10 (only -1 because of the durability of 1 of them and one of them having some dificulties.

I love how bright they are though.

+ absolutley fantastic communication from the guys at FL too. Many thanks to Prisna for all the help and keeping me updated with stuff smile

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