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Posted: Ok so I have never owned Fire Poi but got a few friends with some. I want to go the route of buying the parts and making it because it is a little bit cheaper and im on a budget. What I'm modeling my set after is the Pro Series Fire Poi HOP sells. So for the parts so far I've decided to get the pro series handles (no hassle attaching a swivel to whatever Fire Poi Im using. Then it goes to a tear drop quick ling then 2 feet of oval link chain. (Honestly i dont know what I like more but I've hear more people like oval, i have only spun ball chain)Then i will put a Single 3mm NPS Oval Quicklink then the cathedral head. Now i dont know if i need swivels on the bottom or not so if anyone has any info there that would be great. Also any advice on changing anything or what you think about it would be great. Thanks alot

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