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"ah its good to see some of the old members are still posting hopefully i'll be on more frequently havent been spinning here lately been otherwise preoccupied unfortunately them throws t..."
"hmmm this is fantastic!"
" this one is a great one"

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4 throw combo uploaded 12 June 2011
triquetra weave uploaded 12 June 2011
Backwards Kick uploaded 11 August 2010
Buckle Knot uploaded 11 August 2010
Behind the back throw from buckle knot uploaded 11 August 2010
atomic 2 beat thingy uploaded 02 August 2010
Spin vs Antispin 3 beat weave uploaded 02 August 2010
Orbital Fountain uploaded 17 July 2010
"Bendy" Orbital uploaded 17 July 2010
Alternate Thread the Needle uploaded 14 May 2010
Moon Chasing Sun uploaded 11 May 2010
Same Direction Wiggle uploaded 11 May 2010
Guys Gyroscope uploaded 11 May 2010
Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
     18th August, 2010
"Home of poi is the only place i get my any of my object manipulation equipment and when i saw they had rope darts i was ecstatic because ever since i first saw a rope dart i wanted to try to learn it and now i can hardly put it down i recomend this product and as always happy spinning!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2009