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Posted: by Johara-Raqs
Last Reply: by Johara-Raqs
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"I got the voi kit from Michelle Joyce, but the straps are chafing my fingers - they are leather strips about 1" wide and 5" folded over. I put 1 or two fingers in them and alt..."
Posted: by Igneas Tempestas
Last Reply: by Igneas Tempestas
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"Hi everybody! posted this on the Flowtoys facebook page earlier but thought it would be a good idea to share it on here as well to get the word out Just got myself a set of Flowpoi Duo ..."
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by Paddington Bear
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"Recently Josh and I took a fire-twirling course, and taught some kids and adults how to use staff and poi in a 12 hour course run over the weekend. By the end of the course all of the s..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"I couldn't seem to find anything like this. Well, A couple kind of, but the links didn't work at all. So here this is. A thread for discussing your/any other wick designs that you know ..."
Posted: by Zeradin
Last Reply: by squid
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"I am wondering if any of you have opinions experience in sizing differences between a couple of the toys here.72mm vs 80mm pendulum poiand 8mm vs 10mm rope meteorThanks!"
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by aston
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"A few quick shots, all taken with 1 second shutter. Some in the day and some at night."
Posted: by johndhaive
Last Reply: by Tide
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"flowlights with crystal case and flow mass in HOP VS flowpoi from which is better in terms of durability?im having second thoughts in buying this cool stuff.. hehehe! pleas..."
Posted: by eca
Last Reply: by squid
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"hey, I just made a pair of sock poi with 249 grams of rice in each head (love heavy poi!), and I want to counter-weight them but I'm not sure what the ratio of head weight to handle wei..."
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Tide
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"Does anyone have a video camera that's good at recording for both fire and glow? Mainly thinking of poi and the occasional staff person, but I don't know what camera to get.Price range ..."
Posted: by Sparkfire
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"This is written up in a .doc hosted here As some may know flying in australia with your firetoys can be frought with peril, I do not know if the below approach will work in the US with ..."
Posted: by AaronM
Last Reply: by AaronM
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"So... I have found the site, introduced myself... and now I am looking into get my first toy to try out. I have seen poi a cpl times and it is mesmerizing... but I know next to nothing ..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by willow2x
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"So after ~6 years of hard work, we've just finished the first batch of (8) Hyperlights. We'll be shipping them as soon as we've received payment It's been a long time coming, but we're ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by *HyperLight
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"Here are my hyperlights. This is a quick thread to show you how they work, them in action and the possibilities they have.There are still a few creases to be ironed out that the creato..."
Posted: by liquidtrance
Last Reply: by *HyperLight
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" have any info about these?"
Posted: by Munkustrap
Last Reply: by Elmosouth
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"Fire breathing has been capturing my curiosity lately, and so like anyone should, I've started off just reading about it. I noticed though in a lot of the HoP articles about breathing a..."
Posted: by Orin
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"Hey.. I was struggling with learning the weave for a while.. then I came across this site the other night.. watched how she did it.. practiced a bit and had the weave down fairly well i..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"Super glue claims to be super, but I'm finding it doesn't seem to bond in the slightest to either my bike tires (would be useful to keep my handles from unraveling if I tug too hard) or..."
Posted: by mtbeer
Last Reply: by Warior Drake
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"I'm planning on getting a house in the next couple months and I want it to be as poi friendly as possible so I can host weekly spin jams. What would your ideal spinners house have?I wan..."
Posted: by squid
Last Reply: by squid
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"So Ive got an old stage ball that used to be part of a pair of contact poi Im not using anymore, but I want to weight it like a Sil-X ball. I can't find liquid silicone, so Im looking ..."
Posted: by bjrcboy
Last Reply: by Lye
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"I finally got a set of fire poi(From renegade juggling, thanks bob!) after about a year and a half of spinning. Anyways it has oval twist link chain and it just feels to heavy... Is the..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Hyperlights are not yet ready. There, I've said it, so I hope the title of this thread didn't get anyone too excited. Things have been extremely busy for me of late with a combination o..."
Posted: by grainne_murphy
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"ok ive been spinning for pfffft a year and a half...two years ...but i wanna start doing it with fire,,, i just have no idea what to go clueless grainne"
Posted: by Tide
Last Reply: by Tide
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"I couldn't find a topic regarding this, s'yeah, my apologies if there is one.I know people who use nomex gloves when they spin with fire poi to enable hand wraps and spiral wraps, now I..."
Posted: by Zeradin
Last Reply: by aston
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"I'm going to make some normal sized 2" x 2" x whatever is normal (2/2.5?) duo fold cathedrals. How much kevlar do I need? The tutorial says 4-8 feet per, that's a wide range. ..."
Posted: by Icarus Forde
Last Reply: by Icarus Forde
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"Ok, so I picked up firestaff about two months ago now, and have gotten quite addicted. I've been borrowing a staff from a friend for the duration of it, and also have some double staffs..."
Posted: by Lasa'nta Dubh Mac Tire
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"Ok i know this sounds dumb.. but i really don't get the rope dart... like i see how it's made and cool thingys you can do with it but... whats it for.. like how do most poeple use it? a..."
Posted: by FireJinn
Last Reply: by letitburn
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"Hey my question is "What is the best type of rope to use to make a rope dart?" Pay attention: Because I will test all suggested and give feedback.Thanks."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"&lbr;THEO(R)IST&rbr;Video bio project, maping performingduring 2002-2005.-------------------------------------------------------&lbr;VERSION&rbr;0.3&lbr;TODO&rbr;-Binary data transfer.-..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"Didn't see another thread like this, so I thought I would post some useful knots I use all the time in my practice poi and things I use them for. These are primarily knots I use with co..."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"just had a random idea does anyone think they could make led weighted handles they would look awesome with throws"
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"just wondering if anyone has any of the gorrila fist poi cuz i would really like to see a video of them"
Posted: by Guyli
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hello,To put things simply i'm doing fire breathing and i recently moved from France to USA. Then big problem: i can't manage to find an equivalent of the fuel i am used to breath (plea..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Samhman
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"Does anyone here do poi movements in their martial art weapon demos or martial art weapon moves in their poi demos? tell me what weapons or style YOU PRACTICE that uses weapons."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"So I have been asked to do a fire eating and tracing act at a gay club in a few months. I've also been asked if I wouldn't mind wearing body paint for the act.I told them that I'd be h..."
Posted: by chidori
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"ok so i've been looking around for some different fuels to try and i'm hoping to get some feedback. espisially on limonene, white gas(colemens), lamp oil, and methonal.i'm looking mostl..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"Okay, here's the situation. I've been spinning fire for almost a year now and my little cathedrals (though in good condition) are getting to be unusable. Simply because they have tiny f..."
Posted: by WarPoi
Last Reply: by Kristina Xxxzhcz
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"Teaching a Scuba Class in Cozumel next week and wish to spin but am not sure if it is best to take all or the supplies on the airplane or if I can purchase Fuel there?Really like paraff..."
Posted: by noramos
Last Reply: by BRETTlee
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"After watching this video:Poi by Yuta & Ronan was determined to make a pair of poi similar. I purchased some 80mm contact balls, some 8mm ..."
Posted: by keebler
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"So I have been thinking about making a set of Fire Buugeng but have been trying to figure out if I want to go Stainless steal or aluminum to make the staffs. Any views on which would b..."
Posted: by Hana4
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"I'm trying to make a set of fire fans. So far i have the stainless steel constructon all done with 5 metal prongs on each fan. I've used 4mm dia stainless steel rods and now that i've c..."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"ok i saw some led poi called eye poi they have a program where they can spell words in the spin from how they arrange the leds but havent seen anything on them being available for purch..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"Okay so I have some questions on how to trick out some toys.#1) I want to make my fire fan heads fatter so they'll hold more fuel. Can I just take kevlar and wrap over the existing head..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"I saw this at a festival in MA. Some guy had fire snakes, but they were more like cords than snakes. They were really long and went really fast and were really thin. They burned blue/gr..."
Posted: by Smurf24029
Last Reply: by Lye
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"This is my new fire poi. Everything but the quick links and chain is from HOP. Will be getting Single loop pro series handles soon, honestly I thought that's what I ordered but I guess ..."
Posted: by liquidtrance
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"any recommendations for the best way of keeping your acrylic balls in good condition? I've looked around at various methods of looking after them, think a polishing wheel might be the w..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hi, I'm looking into getting palm torches similiar to the ones imakokode uses in this video:anyone know where i can get those?or any tips on making them, recommended designs etc.?"
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by RagnarokFire
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"The other day I bought a katana. Was bored, watching Rouroni Kenshin and said to myself "That looks cool, I want one". So now I'm all hooked on sword play too.Anyway, I also have a bokk..."
Posted: by steph_711
Last Reply: by squid
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"hi,im looking to a buy my first fire fan, i was wondering whether a large fan would be too big for me, im about 5'5. i really like the look of the large ones but if they end up being to..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"D: FOR PRACTISING ONLY, REQUIRE AVERAGE WEIGHT BALANCE ABILITY AND CONTROL.(thx Dad)Well, look like this:(mirror)-'Pro' practise Poi with 2.75'' crystall ball inside.The Knot constructi..."
Posted: by Dr.Babs
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"So I recently constructed these poi out of very common resources. I'm still working on my design a bit. Here's some photos to help explain!The poi head is clear plastic tubing from the ..."
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