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Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by Exuro
Views: 1643    Replies: 14
"hey I do loads of tangley stuff, there mustbe some people in the same posision because I cant find anyone or any vids of the stuff I do.SOMEONE PLEASE email me back and say something ab..."
Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
Views: 666    Replies: 1
"i've did it abit awhile ago and getting into it again but poi and hat triks anyone? iv been in fire shows for years and av bin getting well into my hats recently,wat about everyone else..."
Posted: by FireTom
Views: 1542    Replies: 0
"Hey family, I am just working on some footage and am wondering "how to create a smear/ slow shutter effect" in post-production?Maybe you can help me?I mean, there are camcorde..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
Views: 1489    Replies: 1
"Is it possible to buy swivels (or somehow modify them) so that, say a No.10 ball bearing swivel can be opened up on either side? Maybe if the rings is broken and squshed somehow. (im t..."
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by lampwortroy
Views: 7005    Replies: 9
"since i can't afford decent wood for my stilts, and i'm a 260lb `fatbloke`, i started wondering if i could use aluminum tube/bar for stilts?my local hardware store sells 1/16" wall alum..."
Posted: by bentforkx
Last Reply: by bentforkx
Views: 4940    Replies: 21
"Interested in everyone's personal fueling station system, what gear is in your POI fueling station? Types of fuel containers, soaking containers, safety gear, fuel reclaimers (spin off ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Views: 769    Replies: 0
"I have my pair of 2.4mm 22" Oval twist welded chain for sale. Comes with 2 Leather double loop handles 2 triangle loops, 4 D rings and 2 heavy duty swivelsAll bought as seperates,..."
Posted: by pika del fuego
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 1114    Replies: 1
"my digicam (casio exilim z-1000 10.1 mp) has a very unfortunate problem for a fire spinner...it makes these blue phantoms and/or vertical lines emanating from the fire source when takin..."
Posted: by daniel_bareket
Last Reply: by Rellizate
Views: 1737    Replies: 10
"Hi!I was wondering about making isis heads, like salza are making.Basically, I understand the knot, but there is something I didn't really figured out: does it uses one layer or two? I ..."
Posted: by omii.fey
Last Reply: by Lady_Knell
Views: 7074    Replies: 12
"I'm currently making my own fabric poi and I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm looking for a pattern and a type of fabric people could suggest for me to use. My first prototype ..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 2198    Replies: 7
"The tails on my UV poi totally piss me off big time, but apparently they look much much better than my practice chains... they get knotted and sometimes they get dirty and they tangle r..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
Views: 1807    Replies: 13
"I recently started juggling 3 staves, I've been using my double staffs for it, but i've been thinking of making ones like sebastian uses in this this video or like what rob used in so..."
Posted: by laurajean80
Last Reply: by DyamiTK
Views: 1758    Replies: 2
"Hi,I'm looking into making fire poi to sell at markets and currently researching for the best equipment and prices. Can anyone help me locate some reasonably priced chain. Also, suggest..."
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by Daedra
Views: 6258    Replies: 28
"After what seems like an eternity of fiddling with the design for the casings I'm almost there. I'm just waiting for some screws and buttons to arrive to double-check dimensions before ..."
Posted: by philisweatly
Last Reply: by philisweatly
Views: 1173    Replies: 8
"I have been looking everywhere for kero in my area and nobody has it. I went to a gas station and they said they did sell it, but I'm not sure if it really is kero. The pump (yes I go..."
Posted: by recklessme
Last Reply: by Midnyte
Views: 1537    Replies: 4
"im looking to findout what the best way to make small fire eating wands. right now the best way i can see doing it is a bit of 1 inch adhesive wick with the end being sewed up. im curio..."
Posted: by gher
Last Reply: by daniel_bareket
Views: 3337    Replies: 14
"I've been spinning poi on and off for the last three or so years, and bought a pair in December. I've just got the hang of poi in the last month or so and my routine tends to involve a ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by DyamiTK
Views: 7118    Replies: 15
"They are actually stronger than they look. Easy to make and use if anyone already has some swivelsHomemade poi swivels so the cord doesnt tangle. Made from a fishing swivel (pack of 10..."
Posted: by Lillac
Last Reply: by johndhaive
Views: 7156    Replies: 7
"Ok so I bought my self some practice sock poi this year but I am wanting to upgrade to glow poi. The sock poi is ok, but I am wanting to spin fire as well. I want something bright and d..."
Posted: by missy21
Last Reply: by Geeza
Views: 2444    Replies: 5
"Hi my name is Amber and i live in Fairbanks Alaska, and I have been practicing poi for about 2 years now... and I have been thinking about getting the Oggpoi for my next set of poi and ..."
Posted: by V_Regal
Last Reply: by Mucky
Views: 915    Replies: 3
"How do you shorten the length?EDIT: Nevermind. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to remember how to knot it."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
Views: 1074    Replies: 4
"I have recently started skipping, partly because a mate has and i want to get good and partly because it seems like a get fit quick scheme.I know there is such a thing as fire skipping ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Lev
Views: 1543    Replies: 7
"Is there such a thing as transparent socks? So you can put glowy stuff in them and see through"
Posted: by Chiumanfu
Last Reply: by DyamiTK
Views: 7611    Replies: 12
"What do you use to stuff in the core of a monkey fist poi? Does it have to be fire-proof material or can I just use something super absorbant like cotton balls? "
Posted: by V_Regal
Last Reply: by V_Regal
Views: 1177    Replies: 16
"I've been looking around, and saw a number of items that caught my eye. unfortunately, I cannot buy them all.There are some I'm quite keen on:http://www.technomoves.com/rave_impact_stic..."
Posted: by Chris817
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
Views: 2304    Replies: 6
"I just bought http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-LED-GLOW-sock-POII am either an idiot or i was sent the wrong balls with these socks.They look just like a whie tennis..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 1268    Replies: 7
"I currently have flowpoi duo but would like to spin singles like crystal poi set.Is it a good idea to saw the duo casing in half leaving 2 pieces of clear tubing?I would have to make a ..."
Posted: by FireJinn
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 432    Replies: 1
"Is there a store I may go to purchase telescopic piping for a staff?I have an idea for a toy. But I'm not to versed on where to go to get the proper tools to make my toys."
Posted: by squid
Last Reply: by mcnappy
Views: 7854    Replies: 12
"I am practicing making monkey fists with some 3/8" nylon rope, using the Flamma Aeterna method of putting a small fist inside a larger one, so that only one rope end needs to be trimmed..."
Posted: by k2damfc
Last Reply: by mcnappy
Views: 3705    Replies: 11
"I'm new to this whole shabang. And I'm a little impatiant so I've made my own poi. The question I have is how much does the poi head actually weight? usually? Thanx."
Posted: by Wrock
Last Reply: by Wrock
Views: 2461    Replies: 10
"So, I bought myself a pair of poi while vacationing in Australia and loved them. On my return to the cold country of Canada in the winter, I found that my fingers got really cold when s..."
Posted: by warren79
Last Reply: by Geeza
Views: 6010    Replies: 24
"Im new to using glow poi and looking to buy me a set soon.I need to know what is a good set to start with.Im basically looking for something robust but not to hard either.Must be strong..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
Views: 721    Replies: 4
"Just one of the heads on a scale in grams should do to find out the general weights of what everyone spinsFlowpoi Duo - 135gSock normally - 190g (for outside in wind)Sock - 90gMonkeyfis..."
Posted: by Geeza
Views: 1042    Replies: 0
"Am i missing something here, they costs just over 100 to buy the package but to buy seperate its 76.68. Plus it doesnt look like you get flomass/weight sleeves in the package so add ..."
Posted: by bossy
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
Views: 751    Replies: 3
"I've started a new project; make myself a fire staff. Its not going to badly at the moment, i just need a handle really. something to go around the metal staff that wont melt and will b..."
Posted: by HOWEARD
Last Reply: by nesto
Views: 5665    Replies: 18
"Hi There. I am working in a show in Mallorca Spain.There are 6 of us on stage lighting off one person to start the event.We originally used asbestos wraps and had no problems with the f..."
Posted: by Black Gnosis
Last Reply: by joffjk
Views: 22525    Replies: 72
"hinki back to your first twirl toy that got you into your hobby, mine was a simple glow stick on a shoe string...i was bored last summer, then i got two and tried swinging them together..."
Posted: by callan_concentrate
Last Reply: by aakesh1
Views: 1104    Replies: 2
"Hi all, just letting you know that we have now released the second model of the electronic unit that we use for our C2 light range. Thanks for all the feedback that crew have given us o..."
Posted: by Shlomo
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 684    Replies: 2
"I have a Pentax K 20 d with both a 62 mm Pentax 1:3-6:3 18-250mm lens and a Pentax macro lens with 1:2.8 100mmwhat lens should i use for taking poi pics?how long should i set the shutte..."
Posted: by unicorn
Last Reply: by Rellizate
Views: 4275    Replies: 6
"I'm trying to get feedback from folks on what to do...but beware...this question is a little bit different! I want to use potassium chloride for a purple flame, but there's a twist...I ..."
Posted: by Digsy
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 1438    Replies: 11
"Hey guys! I'm new round here (just tried my first burn last night) and I have a few questions. Sorry if there's already a thread about this, but you all seem pretty cool so I doubt you'..."
Posted: by corey_jansen
Last Reply: by corey_jansen
Views: 918    Replies: 7
"Alright, I've read through a lot of posts on here to try and find the answer on my own but I haven't found anything that I'm comfortable with so I'll just ask. I'm a flair bartender an..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Views: 490    Replies: 0
"I would like to send a hoop up to my cousin who lives in QLD but I am having trouble finding the right way to do so. Im also thinking about selling a few hoops from my web site so this..."
Posted: by mmc08
Last Reply: by jumblymamba
Views: 1837    Replies: 12
"I did have a quick search on here but couldn't find advice on this one - so applogies if there is already...I have been performing mostly outdoors or indoors in circus/equestrian venues..."
Posted: by solaris
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 1783    Replies: 5
"i received a pair of green led poi..and after putting them together and playing i realised that one somethimes when i hit it loses conctact and stops glowing for i few seconds,or until ..."
Posted: by graphicvi0lence
Last Reply: by katieoros
Views: 1731    Replies: 3
"I was wondering, for those people using string, yarn, whatever...which knot you use to tie it to the handle...all mine seem to come undone."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by MRC
Views: 14010    Replies: 52
"Anyone ever tried to make apoi that does not burn but just smoke instead? When spinning with a firestarter fuel when the fire went out the poi were leaving a beautiful trail of smoke be..."
Posted: by TedPet
Last Reply: by TedPet
Views: 1359    Replies: 3
"My name is Ted, and I'm a poi spinner from NYC. I've been spinning for 3 years, and I need a little help with fuel. A local club night wants to book me to do fire sometime in the future..."
Posted: by Richee
Views: 468    Replies: 0
"Yesterday I've found information, known already some time,that the end of IPv4 internet adressing scheme is going to be between 2010-2011.In hand, with ongoing preparation to new IPv6, ..."
Posted: by cosmicmonster
Last Reply: by iambecky
Views: 11561    Replies: 4
"I've looked at every flag poi instruction thread there is. The link to Dom's page about making flag poi does not work and the search engine won't take me to the original threads about f..."
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