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Poi! Err.... whirling other things around! Belts... staves...



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John was taken before his time.

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"Bump. Nobody? Even just someone who remembers me? Tehee."
"I dunno if they still do it but the most recent meets I know of were across from the expo centre in the gardens in good weather and crappy weather under the bridge there. Sunday nights."
"Howdy one and all! Been a while since I posted... Wonder if anyone remembers me...Anyway, title says it all really. I know there are cultural centres and what not but I was hoping someo..."
3mm S/S Oval Quicklink  
     23rd March, 2009
Small and steely.
"Its small and made of steel. Does the job. I had to buy some after I broke my old ones testing their durability. All I can say is... they are pretty strong took a LOT to break them ripped out the threads in the end. I very safe using them. :)"
, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
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5/32 inch ColeCord  
     12th March, 2009
Colecord is yummy and bouncy
"Its got the right amount of bounce and the right amount of rigidity to be absolutely perfect for feeling the tension in the cord... great for stalls and great for control overall."
, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
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