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Posted: by fuega81
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hello,I'm pretty new, i practiced at my friend's home and i'll receive my own poi beginning of february i think..I can do the butterfly..i'm better twirling them backward to do it tho....."
Posted: by Rellizate
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"Hey, i've been spinning poi for a few months now, but it seems i've hit a dead stop on what to learn next. Any ideas?Here's a short list of what i've got so far:faceplane fwd flower,fac..."
Posted: by jeremy_dbf
Last Reply: by Mireneye
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"so I've been trying isolations for a little while now and I was thinking., it easier to have a longer poi or a shorter one? and what about weight? more or less?"
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
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"This thread is about methods of learning new move.MOVE BASICMOVE OUTMOVE INCode:Example: Move -> (method) -> New move -----------------MOVE BASIC-----------------MoveSingle move i..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by aston
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"I meen, this is something I've been thinking a while.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poi, is physical object having it's own weigh..."
Posted: by Skater_Rock_Chic
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"Hey!I can do weave n stuff but i can do butterfly! any tips?Thanks x x"
Posted: by Vicious101
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"I have been trying this for weeks and I just can't do it. My hand eye co-ordination is just horrid. I can do other things like butterflys and buzzsaw that goes over my head into a rev b..."
Posted: by jennythomson
Last Reply: by okichi
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"hello i have decided to try and learn the art of poi! what equipment do i need to buy to get started? any help would be appreciated thanks "
Posted: by zencheshirecat
Last Reply: by aston
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"hey everyone, as you can see from the title, i am new to poi. i havnt even started yet or got anything for it yet, but i'm hoping to start. but first i have a couple ther..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by aston
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"Continuation of the previous..--------------------------------------------- (mirror)--------------------CONTEXT--------------------Back, behind the back, or watch your heads.Front, in t..."
Posted: by ylurt
Last Reply: by ylurt
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"I've been looking on here for new moves but it all seems too high over my head (hard) so could somebody teach me a new move that would be in between beginner and advance. Im a little sl..."
Posted: by danae_sun
Last Reply: by the7thfollower
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"hi. i have been learning poi for a couple of months now (i dont have much time to practice but ::meh::) and i'm getting really stuck on this one move i want to learn.What it is, I can g..."
Posted: by Mako
Last Reply: by Stout
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"I would like to say a massive thanks to HoP as all the poi moves I have mastered..not many are thanks to your teachings.However I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem a..."
Posted: by CBMS
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"Hey, I am having trouble keeping my off hand (left) from going all sideways on me. Everytime i spin it is on a weird tilt, that is getting kinda dangerous to spin with. Any hints with h..."
Posted: by RicheeII
Last Reply: by RicheeII
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"Lat. &lbr;Orbis pictus&rbr; - World in picturesInspirated by teaching method developed by education reformator Jan Amos Komensky.----------------------POI---------------------- Poi, the..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by squid
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"Sorry if this has been done before, I can't use the search function on this site without having Explorer shut down right away. Anyways, do people stretch before twirling? More importa..."
Posted: by (andrew)
Last Reply: by squid
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"Ive gone on a bit of a poi parralell at the moment and have started throwing and catching poi and mixing it in to routines. i havent used fire yet, cause, well, its damn hard to do it p..."
Posted: by Daisetsu
Last Reply: by drvariety
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"I'm new to Poi so I'm starting off with glowsticks which I already have a ton of. I tied a piece of string onto one glowstick and now am wondering what to use for a handle. I've seen ..."
Posted: by sewage300
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"HI allsaw a m8 of mine doin poi a while back and was jus standing there in awe with my mouth dropped openso bein a bit stoned last weekend i brought sum poi and i love itSo i get them o..."
Posted: by garthy
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"Ok this has been mentioned in a few theads..One night after far to much to drink Sandy, Tim(T&B) and Garthy with help from matt(the boy g) invented a poi card game. We played it in ..."
Posted: by Sporkle
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"Ok So I'm Attempting To Teach Myself Weave Crossers... If That's What They're Called?But The Problem Is On Every Other The The Poi On My Right Hand Side, (So The Poi In My Left Hand) Ke..."
Posted: by elph
Last Reply: by hamamelis
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"Getting pretty good now + can pick up new tricks quite easily. BUT the forward btb weave is the bane of my life. i just cant get it, i can do regular btb weave but forwards just seems t..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by sewage300
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"For those of you that do fire transfers, and blowing/eating, this will probably be stupid, but for us beginer pyros its a easy way to show off at parties and what not.Anyways, you'll ne..."
Posted: by danae_sun
Last Reply: by Dom
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"hi. i have been learning poi for a couple of months now (i dont have much time to practice but ::meh::) and i'm getting really stuck on this one move i want to learn.What it is, I can g..."
Posted: by fireflyfaerie
Last Reply: by psychoaddict
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"any tips?ive been trying for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages and i just cant seem to get it!also what about thread the needle? any tips on that? "
Posted: by positivetouch
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Posted: by redraven
Last Reply: by polarity
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"I am new to Poi and have had no instruction at all, apart from what I read on the leaflet which came with my Poi. I have only been practicing for about an hour over the last few days ..."
Posted: by jat_brandy
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"Ive been watching a few of the fire poi vids, and im wondering, how do you do the spinning on the sides where you just keep spinning as if you are using a staff? i really want to try it..."
Posted: by hrcrazylady
Last Reply: by hr-crazylady
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"I'm making a set of poi for an event where im playing a kid so i dont need to be able to do spectacular things, i mainly just want to run around with ribbons following me.I tried attach..."
Posted: by decemberscalm
Last Reply: by decemberscalm
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"I posted this in regards to a thread about Wall Plane Weaving in the GS:C forum. I defined evrything as well as I can. Care to discuss? ^,^;"For future reference: Side's equal where you..."
Posted: by Enkeli
Last Reply: by decemberscalm
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"I have searched through all the topics already, so I hope it's okay to post this question! I'm trying to do a 4 or 5 beat weave, ("helped" by my cat who keeps pouncing on the tails of m..."
Posted: by TribalBeatsSioux
Last Reply: by TribalBeatsSioux
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"Does anyone of that clip in a bigger format? I am trying to learn it, but can not see it across the room."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by NYC
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"I'm finding it interesting that the 50/50 male/female mix doesn't seem to hold for the Poi Moves section. I wonder why that is...(Yes, I know there are a few females that frequent it b..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by NYC
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"Hey all, what are we calling "non split time"? The reason why I ask is I've been playing with 4 beat weaves and corkscrews where both poi are "on beat". It, of course, looks like a tw..."
Posted: by Free Tibet
Last Reply: by squid
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"What is the most impressive move you can do? At the moment mine is the 4-beat windmill or 4-beat corkscrew =)"
Posted: by g6555act
Last Reply: by UCOF
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" "
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Richee
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"Someones probably already done this but ive just tried doing a crosser to a spiral wrap, with arms obviously crossed and tops of hands together then continuing the spiral and back into ..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by PK_
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"right, a few weeks ago i tried a BTB TTN, no avial.Last night i was having a mad one in the house with my poi, and thought about the move again... "woohooo" i got it, i can manage quite..."
Posted: by Petalchild
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Posted: by DarkSerge
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Posted: by DarkSerge
Last Reply: by DarkSerge
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"In Nick's video "Beauty of Ashes" What is he spinning with? Is it Mega Cathedrals?"
Posted: by Valentine
Last Reply: by the7thfollower
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"hay i have been spinning for about a year and would like to meet more people that are into it, so if any one lives in the sacremnto area it would be cool to here from you. Valentine..."
Posted: by pricklyleaf
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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" Please someone help!I've read all the previous threads so please don't direct me to them!How do you actually do flowers?!What is the breakdown of the movement of your arms? THANK YOU!"
Posted: by Nyx
Last Reply: by Live_in_a_spin
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"Can anyone explain to me how to do a reverse TTN? I saw it done at Burning Man and was told by the person doing it that it's a great way to transition to lots of other moves and he did ..."
Posted: by yababy00
Last Reply: by burncat
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"Hello all. I was wondering... has anyone actually spun 4 poi at one time before? I am working on this and wanted to know if there is anyone out there in the poi universe that could offe..."
Posted: by poi_kitty
Last Reply: by Lizzybeth
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"I bought myself a pair of fluffy poi today at our local juggling shop, and within 5 minutes had managed the butterfly and the giant butterfly!!! and my friend, who is getting pretty goo..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Lizzybeth
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"I can do the normal corkscrew move but how do you go about adding beats to it? In yutas 2005 vid he does a nice fluid 4bt? corkscrew at 1 minute 12 seconds in.The normal corkscrew just..."
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
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"All right, so aftermuch research.. I have come up with nothing. I have seen many videos of people doing burn off's with poi. I assume they wet the floor with some sort of lighter fluid,..."
Posted: by Spoonerism
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Anyone got any tips on doing this as a seamless move, I was getting somewhere with it a while ago but dropped it as it was taking far too long and remaining far too messy, my time was b..."
Posted: by theseflamesareforever4207
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"This move is exactly what it sounds like, and is very dangerous. Not for newbies!!! To accomplish this move you start out doing a simple forward butterfly. Step sidways and wrap both po..."
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