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I've only been spinning for about 2 months but I can't weave...don't know why but to me it seems to be the hardest thing to learn. I can do butterflies, TTN's and all sorts of other bits but I cam't weve... grrrrrrrrr
I've spoken to a coulpe of other spinners who taught themselves but they don't seem to be able explain what it is they're doing. They KNOW what they are doing in their heads but can't seem to be able to transfer that into words. I've had a look at it in the lessons section but I can't seem to get my head round it. Could someone please treat me like a small child and explain it VERY SIMPLY... would much appreciate it...

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Flaming_FireSILVER Member
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i need some help
i am trying to learn weave which i can do by using the stick method smile but when i go to do it with my sock poi it just goes into a big crossover frown
i need some tips big time on cracking this move its killing me cuz i wanna learn it and its just not happening.

any pointers,tips advice is welcome

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when I have a problem with a move, I get a mirror. So you can do it with sticks...go slow and watch. then, maybe one stick and one poi...

The one poi method can be very helpful...I like to start with my weak hand

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Flaming fire, First things first-

Can you spin a 2 beat weave?

Notice how one hand always crosses over the other (probably your right if you're right handed)

Now practice spinning so your other hand crosses over the top each time.

Once you've got that, put one poi down.

Practise this pattern, I'm going to call it your right poi for ease, but it is the exact same pattern, with your left hand, just substitute every left for every right and visa versa.

Spin one circle on the poi's own side, (right). As the poi comes down in front of you, cross it over your body to spin 2 circles on your left side as follows... the first circle your right hand crosses over your left arm, during the second circle your right hand crosses under your left arm. And then as the poi comes up in front of you, you go back to spinning the one circle on your right side.

Think in your head, 1, over, under, 1, over, under etc.

Ok, learn that with your left hand now.

Then with both poi...

its easiest to start with your right poi spinning and your left poi stopped. Spin 1 circle by your right side, and then the over circle by your left. As the poi comes up in the over circle, start spinning your left poi, its making the one circle on its own side, the right then spins its under circle before following the left poi over to the right side. The left poi will always lead when switching to the right side, and the right poi will always lead when switching over to the left side.

Hope that helps, good luck with it!

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