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I'm pretty new, i practiced at my friend's home and i'll receive my own poi beginning of february i think..

I can do the butterfly..i'm better twirling them backward to do it tho...i can do a simple crossing and a cheap flower..lol

Which move should i try to learn next that is easy to start with?

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Try the lessons here on HoP.

Click me to get to them!

Or just see what your friend can do and learn some of the same stuff. Once you get the hang of it, most moves are easy. Relatively....

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Go though the online lessons in order that they appear if you can.

All moves are great to learn and a big buzz when you get them. I am a slow learner and I feel I progress better that way.

Butterfly forward is only a matter of time.

If you find something difficult have a wee break and tackle it again or practice the earlier moves longer before advancing.
Practicing with only one Poi is good too.

All the best


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Thanks Malcolm for making me giggle. ubblol Toilet breaks are good.

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Yeah it is amazing the difference it makes redface biggrin

May your balls always burn

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