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Posted:I've been looking on here for new moves but it all seems too high over my head (hard) so could somebody teach me a new move that would be in between beginner and advance. Im a little slow in the head so please put it in plain english for me lol

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Posted:written descriptions can be a bit boggling for the head. Especially if you are not already familiar with some basic concepts and manuevers.

Since you have gone through the Art of Poi, have you tried going through the online tutorials? Seeing visuals is often very helpful. I would suggest starting with the ones available here in HoP's Library (follow the link up top).

If you need more, then try a search for "Poi+tutorial" and you will find a lot of sites and videos (mainly YouTube) that will hopefully give you inspiration.

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Posted:Hay thanks! I never thought of typing in Poi Tutorial into Google :0)