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I'm making a set of poi for an event where im playing a kid so i dont need to be able to do spectacular things, i mainly just want to run around with ribbons following me.

I tried attaching ribbons long enough to make half circles with each poi to some other poi before i make new ones, and found that obviously having such long ribbons limitted what i could do with out tangling. Weaves/waist wraps etc were fine, but butterflies just didnt work.

I was wondering if any one knew how long tails could be before it became practically impossible to do butterflies?
And/or if any one could suggest more moves that i could learn instead that should be possible with long tails? (Currently have windmill, giant windmill, corkskrew, 3 beat weave (both directions), fountain, waist wrap)
Potentially reels and stalls? havent tried them yet.

Currently cant manage with long tails: butterfly, thread the needle, angel wings.

Sorry if this is a bit rambly... i wasnt sure how to write it smile


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I think this is a matter of practicing.

I have a vivid image of Dio, one of my own poi gods, doing some absolutely amazing stuff with decent sized zuni tails.

With that said, I think it is MUCH easier to do some poi moves without tails.

If I had to pick an arbitrary length to answer your question, I'd say tails as long as your chain shouldn't be much of a problem.

The trick with tails is to 'miss' by a larger margin. You might be better off with a thread the needle than a traditional butterfly. When you're doing a TTN, try exaggerating the motions at the top when the poi are passing by each other so they are passing with the most space between them.

I also think it's a matter of what material the tails are made of. Something 'kite like' will easily slip by a slight touch whereas something a bit less slippery will probably catch more.

Hope that helps.

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All I can say, being a tailed poi person: Practice, practice planes. The butterfly is possible. Ripstop is a good fabric or satin-esque

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Thanks! I was using about 3 times the chain length hence the tangles :P (but it makes a nice pretty full circle of colour biggrin

Realised i can do a thread the needle, and can do a butterfly if i reduce the tail length a bit... will practice more and try with longer ones again.

Was using ribbons... i quite liked the weight they added so i think i'll stick with them smile

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