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Can anyone explain to me how to do a reverse TTN? I saw it done at Burning Man and was told by the person doing it that it's a great way to transition to lots of other moves and he did make it look smooth! When i do a TTN i bring my right hand above and in front of my left to begin. I suppose with the reverse you have to start by bringing your left hand below and in front of your right (bottom) hand? I have tried it many times over the last month and can't seem to avoid getting into a tangle, where i learned the TTN in about 30 seconds why can't i get the reverse?

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I learnt TTN by making the move really exagerated.. really swinging my arms out wide - makes it look one hell of a messy move but at least I found it easier to get the action going..

Practise with no poi to start.. then when you have the movement -arms out in front wrists touching.. go out in a big circle and end up with your wrists touching the other way (left on right or reverse) put poi in and tighten up the movements..

I like TTN been practising TTN going down onto one knee - then onto my back lying on the ground.. looks cool with fire..

Good luck and I hope my useless disjointed ramble helps..

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yep, i do that one...just not in reverse...yet!

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Originally posted by Nyx:
I suppose with the reverse you have to start by bringing your left hand below and in front of your right (bottom) hand?
That's exactly right - the top hand needs to slide back and under the bottom hand before pushing forward.

Have you tried starting with your right hand on top of your left, rather than your left hand on top? It might be a little easier if you're starting with the hand you usually start the TTN with.

Other than trying with clubs, which always helps me, that's the only advice I can think of

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Thanks! I think i'll try it later with my swinging torches, that's what you mean by clubs, right?

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~Charles Baudelaire

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Stix's advice is great - make the move exaggerated, then reign it in as it becomes smoother.

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See now, i'd been wondering if one could do a reverse thread the needle, because i've doing butterflies behind my head, and was thinking the behind-the-head TTN would look great (though i suspect i'm not flexi enough for it....yet). I stumbled across the BTH butterfly when i very first made my practise poi. I was spinning backwards with my hands by my sides and i moved my hands up and over my head (Look, i'm a helicopter crash! ) and then moved my hands back, so that my hands were directly behind my head with elbows all stickin' out sorta semi-forwards... My friend called this move "angel wings", but it just looks like a big circle of fire behind/over the body. I'm pretty sure that was the move that got a guy to make a pass at me . Anyway, the BTH head b'fly is dead easy, but i'd love to see someone do a BTH TTN. THh only person i know who's for sure flexi enough didn't want to try it.

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Good luck with the reverse

When you get it, you should try doing it split time It looks great. I got it yesterday in reverse but have been doing it smoothly for a week or so forwards. If you can bounce between the two it's a bonus

LEt me know how you get on,
good luck

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When I was trying to learn reverse TTN I couldn't do it at all till I had the left hand on top butterfly as good as right hand on top. Basically you've got to be able to do both reverse butterflies very well with your hands practically touching. Then start trying to do TTN with huge arm movements and get it better from there. Just like a lot of backward moves, it's really counter-intuitive at first but once you get it it soon gets a lot easier! Good luck!

Oh - and I can't do BTH TTN either. I can do BTB though. Yeah!

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I can do a TTN behind my head in both directions. I personally don't think it looks that good (or any TTN for that matter) but it does help when you want to turn with a bth butterfly.

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Hi Nyx, that’s a great picture.

How to do a reverse TTN?
When i do a TTN i bring my right hand above and in front of my left to begin. I suppose with the reverse you have to start by bringing your left hand below and in front of your right (bottom) hand?
That seems fair enough, but you are still having problems. My suggestion would be to start with the reverse butterfly, so your hands are going up, instead of down like in the regular b/f. Then go into TTN.

Also, with the regular butterfly you have the poi coming inward. With the reverse the poi are going outward, away from you. Make sense? If not, try the torch suggestion. Except start by doing circles out a bit wider than for than for the b/f, so they don’t cross. Try them inward and outward. Then bring them in close for the b/f. Hope that helps

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wow every time i read a different post i realize how complex peope can get when creativity is added to poi. personaly i thought i was about as good as i was gonna get and i havent poied in the last couple of months cuz i learned all the things on the tutorials, while one day being bored i came back to this web site and created a profile. now im soooooooo into poi that i dream about it. (actualy have) and reading all these posts i realize im just an amature at this. just wanted to say this page rocks.

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Yeah it rocks biggrin For with the help of this topic I've just learned to do both reverse and reverse split-time ttn's. Some kind of a sudden enlightenment fell upon me:)

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as someone said to me when reverse TTN was annoying the hell out of me

just put one below the other! (great advice there thanks mate!)

id say exaggerate the move by marking your arms extended aswell

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i've only just been able to do reverse ttn,so i'm not sure if this will be any help or just ramblings(sorry if it is!) but exaggerated arms is exactly what i did and it seemed to work.also i let the poi pull my hands up when the have to change position kind of like a baby isolation. so i'd explain it as you do a reverse butterfly with your right hand on top then swing the right poi down on the outside and bring your hand back slightly to slip the right poi between your left poi and your left arm,then bring the left arm back and slip the left poi between the right poi and your right arm.rinse,repeat, and thats the reverse ttn.
i hope that helps even a little bit. smile

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It seams tto me that you have the basic idea so the best advice that i can give you is to slow it down and keep an eye on the timing of the 'push'.

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I first did a reverse TTN whilst messing around with butterfly stalls.
This is how it works.
Spin a forwards butterfly and stall your left hand over your right arm.
Then as the right poi reaches the top of the circle spin the left back so they are now traveling in the same direction in split time.
When the right poi reaches the top of the circle stall it over your left arm and spin it the other way and you should find that you are spining a reverse TTN Well thats what happens for me any way.
This is my first atempt at trying to describe a move so i apologise if this makes no sense at all.

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